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MSFS2020 Map Enhancement

Disclaimer The methods mentioned in this tutorial are for research and learning purposes only. I am not responsible for any legal liabilities and losses caused by using or expanding this tutorial and method. You can find old versions here: README Download and you will get a...



The methods mentioned in this tutorial are for research and learning purposes only. I am not responsible for any legal liabilities and losses caused by using or expanding this tutorial and method.

You can find old versions here:

  • Download and you will get a zip file
  • Extract it and you will see an exe file name: MSFS2020 Map Enhancement Installer 6.x.x
  • Double click it to trigger installation, please keep the default installation path.
  • You will see a "MSFS2020 Map Enhancement" icon appear on your desktop
  • Before starting MSFS2020, open the mod and allow it runs in administrator mode
  • Choose the map and click "Start"
  • You will see the status is "Started" show and it will refresh automatically when you are in-game
  • Start your MFSF2020 and enjoy.
  • Close MSFS2020 and close this mod (It should automatically return to bing map for the next run)
  • If you like this mod, please help me improve it by donating 
  • If you have a problem, please see FAQ first 
  • If FAQ can't solve the problem, please raise an issue 
  • Please also click the "Subscribe" button on this page to get latest update

There are good comparison videos:

Microsoft Flight Simulator Google MAPS ADDON | Bing Vs Google!

Google Flight Simulator? Google Map Enhancement Mod in Microsoft FS2020 (Demo, Review, and Install)

More videos:


The whole journey from Chengdu to Xian:

Side by side comparison:


I will keep this mod up to date for every MSFS update as much as I can. If you like this plugin and want to offer me a coffee, please click the "DONATE ME A COFFEE" button, or here is the link:

Thanks for your support! 

About the licensing

The app is completely free and same features as before, no license is needed for previous features. All maps it currently contains are free. Free features are always kept updated.
Some advanced features (e.g. custom map provider and future features) need a pro license.

Sim Update 11
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August 20, 2021
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20 hour(s) ago — 7.0.2




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  • Uppdaterad till version 7.0.2

  • Uppdaterad till version 7.0.1

  • Uppdaterad till version 7.0.0

  • Uppdaterad till version 6.2.3

  • Uppdaterad till version 6.2.2

  • Uppdaterad till version 6.2.1

  • Initial File Release

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4666 Kommentarer

does the choice of map impact photogrametry in any way?

Since the last two updates, I am not able to change the screen

7.0.2 downloads just a few ground pictures and then It stops. Version 6 was working perfectly. Any solutions? Thanks.

This is a great app that does a serious black magic. I am using the latest Bing images, which I find better then Google’s. The main problem of this app is the morphing of the images in the intermediate area of the plane. It can be very distracting. Up to 5,000 feet or so it is less pronounced. I use this app mainly in the Middle East and there it makes a significant difference compared to the default imagery.

I am the some please can't direct using Google map user , i Set the Proxy and test ok ,but can't start , it show that MS server override is not working

Please try:

  1. Disable any global proxies
  2. Disable any game accelerator

Why do I not have the upportunity to NOT upgrade..?



14 hour(s) ago / Tackad av derekhe

7.0.0 Installs OK

Runs OK - but every map option returns a Proxy error and will not stream tiles - therefore unusable for me.

6.2.3 still working for me

Thanks for the update.


The Download Installer Link from inside the previous version only downloads a file called latest.yml.

I can't clean the cache manually. Obliged to delete cache.db and create another one behind.

Request failed with status code 500

Detail: The process cannot access the file 'D:\Cache maps fs2020\cache.db' because it is being used by another process.

I tried the default location or a different location on same driver and different driver. It shows up the same error. FYI, I have full permissions + running all apps under admin rights,

Nice work. Would it be possible to have an option for the cache to be automatically deleted when shutting down the app ?

New Version 7.0

  • Interface looks nicer and more useful
  • The installation had problems as it doesn't use anymore the "User/app data" folder it defaults to an old path which is difficult to cleat... took me several attempts to change that path. Also the setup is not able to create is folder in a root of a drive but once a folder is pointed to it it insistes on creating another subfolder.
  • Once installed the application starts with error that the server could not be started and suggests pressing Ctrl+R to try to restart which apparently does the job but it should not cive that error at the start.
  • Durring flight the app seems to work normally and seems to be able to use an older cache... so far so good.

The mod is running as usual. But, all of a sudden it doesn't load the google imagery into the sim. It's loading the Bing imagery. It worked fine up until a few days ago and just stopped loading properly. It shows the mod as running also? Thank you.

I just got apple maps, and it is outdated just like google maps. It does not show my Apartment Building which was built in 2021.

after updating from lastday, all of scenery's ground texture doesnt appear


hi, sent you 30$ can you please send me the license?

What's the difference between Google Maps server 1 and server 2?

OMG! I LOVE IT !!! Download, install, run befor MSFS be happy and donate! To leave some Dollars for the Dev its only a little bit harder 😉 But Do IT ! 😀

Crash my game now my game not opening thanks good mod.

Absolute game changer. I may be late to the party but wow - Apple map stands above them all. My sim even feels smoother now and looks stunning!!! Need more stars to give here.

Dessa artiklar finns för närvarande på listan och kommer att behandlas inom kort!
Förslag, fel och idéer för framtiden.

  • Version 7.0.2 December 04, 2022

    Fix when opening the dialog to create a new cache file, it can create a new file

  • Version 7.0.1 December 04, 2022

    Fix: mod start issue with proxy check error
    Fix: cache can't be cleared

  • Version 7.0.0 December 03, 2022

    New UI
    Minimize to tray is working now
    Faster loading time when you click the start button
    Cache can be cleared when the mod is started
    License will not be cleared when upgrading or uninstalling
    Please try it out and if you have any issues, please let me know.

  • Version 6.2.3 November 10, 2022

    Enable HighLOD will turn on cache together to improve loading speed and save server's bandwidth
    Fix cache doesn't work when size limit is set to 0
    Fix google server 2
    Adjust google map's brightness to be more realistic like 5.x version
    Fix ChinaHD mixed map with ChinaHD will cause memory boom problem

  • Version 6.2.2 November 05, 2022

    * Improve loading speed for ChinaHD map
    * Add size limit for cache file. Default is 0 which means unlimited.

  • Version 6.2.1 October 20, 2022

    Fix memory leak in 6.2.0
    Add mixed map support for ChinaHD map
    Add notification after click "Clean cache"
    Fix several bugs cause application crash
    For Chinese user:增加高清地景混合地图,可以自动切换到国外地图。

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