Robinson R44 Raven II Helicopter Project

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Version 3.1
Första lanseringen September 15, 2021
Senast uppdaterad October 13, 2021
Filstorlek 619.33 MB
Downloads 27,148
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  • Version 3.1 October 13, 2021

    GPS Clickable Regions Changed - Can now Hide Sun Visor and GPS
    Manual Trimming Calibrated to be less sensitive and more accurate
    Various Model & Texture tidy
    Lowered External Model Poly Count to Make Model Less Resource Hungry
    Floats - New UV Map and 4k Texture
    Downwash Effects - Restored
    Manifold Pressure Gauge recalibrated - more accurate
    Two new Flight Model Configurations - Blue and Black
    Blue Flight Model 1.0 - Default - Great for all Users
    Black Flight Model 1.0 - Custom Home Setups and Pro Users
    Updated 3.1 Quick Start Manual and Installation Instructions

  • Version 3.0 October 08, 2021

    Swapped CoPilot for Pilot
    Circuit Breaker Board Installed
    Overhead Ceiling Ducts and vents Installed
    Rotor Brake & Animation (Rotor Brake Non Operational)
    Clutch Switch Animation (Clutch Non Operational)
    Main Rotor Mast - Better Join with Main Body
    Skids - Better Joint with Skid Mounts
    New Animations, Sounds & Switch Labels for Lower 4 Switches
    Improved internal Textures & Finishes
    Landing Light Switch Moved to Cyclic Mast from the Cyclic Handle
    Fuel Primer - Located to Correct Position (Key) & Labelled
    Starter moved to Collective in addition to key (Key will become Mag & Fuel Prime in future release)
    Manual Trim in Flight Enabled
    General Texture and Label Improvements
    Thumbnail Updated
    Windshield Weather Effects
    Doors - Clickable Region Optimised to Handles, External Sounds Added
    Main Rotor Blade Model Correction (1 inverted)
    Added Canopy & Tie Downs (Canopy Switch) on Cyclic
    Updated Start Procedure
    Works with Latest Version of Airland FS 1.3 BETA (Download from
    New and Updated Flight Model (Version3) r44.cfg for use with AirlandFS
    Includes Original Alpha1 and Alpha2 Flight Models (Both Compatible with this release)
    Annunciation Lights Operative - LOW RPM, LOW FUEL, STARTER ON, CLUTCH, ALTERNATOR, BRAKE
    Cyclic T-Bar Remains Horizontal through Animation as real life
    Cyclic Animation calibrated more accurate representation of real life
    Collective Animation calibrated - more accurate representation of real life
    Added Clipper II Livery
    Added Floats (switch from Cyclic Switch)
    Alpha3 is 15% through project, 85% uncomplete

  • Version 2.0 September 24, 2021

    Revisions in version Alpha Release Candidate 2.0

    - New compass - correct headings
    - Stall warning removed
    - Interior sounds lowered slightly
    - New Interior Rotor & Engine Sounds (still very much WIP)
    - Glass Window installed in Roof
    - Attitude / Horizon Indicator fixed
    - New engine, flightmodel and systems configurations
    - AUX & Main Tanks, Fuel System now fully functional (was only using Main)
    - Rear no smoking sign - adjusted to stop flicker in VR
    - Fixed and calibrated fuel aux needle
    - Electrical Systems Updated
    - Lighting - Brightened Outside Lights, Lowered Interior Lights
    - New Comms System / Transponder & Radio (Fully Operational) Lower Transponder
    - Updated Thumbnails
    - New Cyclic with Interactive Switches
    - Doors Show / Hide
    - New GPS & Sun Cover (Cover can be hidden by clicking compass)
    - Avionics Switch on Cyclic
    - Parking Brakes released once flying
    - Working Mixture Lever
    - MAP Calibration
    - CofG Calibration
    - More Contact Points - Less Bounce
    - Latest AirlandFS Application
    - New & Improved Interior & External Model and Textures
    - Updated Livery Pack (pinned on RSP Discord > Help & Support > RobinsonR44)

  • Lanserad September 15, 2021

    Den första versionen av denna fil har just lanserats. Välkommen ombord!

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Quick question to anyone!

What the best settings for this mod? In the PDF it mentions setting airland FS to 0% but that seems a bit too easy for me. I have a HOTAS but nothing too fancy.

I tried the black preset with 100% and the helicopter seemed waaaaay to unstable, but with 100% and blue preset it seems waaaay too stable, so I think the sweet spot is somewhere in the middle, but I'm not sure where it is!

Does anyone have any good advice where I should put the settings for the most realistic representation of the R44?

what's the reason floats are not visible?

what am i doing wrong?




6 day(s) ago / Tackad av rotorsimpilot

I really like what you've done with this version. I was struggling with the Bell 47 and was severely disappointed with that as there were almost no options for helicopters for MSFS 2020 for awhile. Then I downloaded the H-135, and as much fun as that is I know it's way too easy to land even in "Advanced". So I like your Robinson R-44, I'm wondering is the real helicopter this finicky? In AirLandFS I like the blue settings, black is a bit too advanced for me, but overall I'm enjoying learning how to fly this. Keep up the good work.


Great product

Are the yaw pedals functional on this yet? Ive been looking for this info and so far cant find it. Thanks



7 day(s) ago / Tackad av rotorsimpilot

Well, since a couple of monthes ago a decided to give a try to H135 Airbus and fell in love with helicopters. So I bought Airbus H145 which is one an amazing machine! But it is so stable even on the advanced fly model due to AFCS. It flies as a plane, super stable, easy to hover even though it does requre skils to fly.

And now I tried Ronison 44. It was really interesting since it is a very comon chopper here, similar to 172 cessna and Piper PA28 for the planes. So, I put 100% realism settings and crushed it at once )) It took a week to get a hang of it and perfectly land. It is so challenging to fly it. Non stop cyclic control, pedal corrections, collective adjusting while landing. A way more complex to fly compared to H145.

H145 to me is similar to TBM Daher 930, but Robinson is like Piper Arrow )) Really enjoy flying it! Waiting for the further project development with adding governor and clutch functionality etc.

Thanks for it being free to all!

I like the bank angle of 90 degrees or more and the maneuvering that uses the rotor as a brake. Has such a maneuver been subject to stall for the R44 series flight models as well?

If that's the case with a helicopter, it's unavoidable, but I enjoyed reading the complex behavior of advanced mode myself and flying like this.

I'm wondering if I have to go back to this old H135 now. By the way, it's just a question for my motivation. Is it possible to fly like this video with a helicopter that is correct in principle?

Now I have to ask a question that really interests me. Whether the R44 or the H 145 helicopter. What are the swimming cushions for? That is well-intentioned but basically completely pointless, since there are no calls for the water in the MSFS 2020, no matter whether on the sea or ocean, you can land where you want, because the water is only 10 centimeters deep everywhere Microsoft has probably missed something because water has real depths



9 day(s) ago / Tackad av rotorsimpilot


After many hours of installing / configuring Airland and the R44 I was still unable to lift off of the ground. Thank you rotorsimpilot for the link to the Discord channel and all the great help there!

For me I had to load the R44 in the sim (on the ground) and then launch Airland!

Amazing helicopter and dedication from all the great folks helping each other out!



10 day(s) ago / Tackad av rotorsimpilot

Fabulous! Loving it!!!


J'ai un problème, je ne parviens pas à décoller. Collectif monté à fond, le régime moteur monte mais l'hélicoptère ne bouge pas..



11 day(s) ago / Tackad av rotorsimpilot

As this one is getting better and incredibly better every time I want to provide you some update when it comes to atc/model matching:

Replace the lines in aircraft.cfg with these ones to have correct ATC designation ("Robinson R44") and the icao standard model match codes taken from - cheers!

PaintKit where can I get that I can make my own liveries for the r44

Hello everyone, when taking off from the ground, it starts to rotate to the right. same as h135, how to fix it?

Всем привет, при отрыве от земли, начинает вращаться в правую сторону. так же как и h135, как это исправить?



12 day(s) ago / Tackad av rotorsimpilot

Great update, Thanks for this!

so there are some funky things with the update. For me, using the trim was insanely sensitive compared to the trim in aircraft. I have trim mapped to my joystick hat and one quick tap goes up one notch, holding down rotates the trim wheel slowly, but it's ok.

in the r44, one tap sends me into an immediate pitch over dive and one tap back immediately does a full nose up. I eventually tried to do the fastest possible "flick" ms taps I could, but recentering the trim was hopeless and usually meant restarting completely. Is there a trim sensitivity setting somewhere that I'm missing?

The other issue is related to heli autoloading in airlandfs... they changed the naming convention "airlandfs_R44.cfg" and also check the airlandfs profile directory first and the Community folder second (as set in the airlandfs.cfg). This is not configured with the right names by default, which lead to the R44 model being unloaded in airlandfs every time the sim was paused or going to the menus. Changing the names in profiles worked (so others may need to do this short term). In theory, reading the airland docs, it should be able to pick up these model cfgs directly from the aircraft folder in the mods (hence why it wants to look at the Community folder), but looking at the current heli mods, it seems that people aren't storing the airlandfs model cfgs in the model aircraft folders yet (or at least consistently. You'll probably do this as time goes on, I'm just mentioning it now as a possible reason why people might be having difficulty getting everything to work together.

Once these minor configuration things were settled, it works great!

So, TL;DR:

  1. make sure your AirlandFS 1.3 config files match the naming convention: airlandfs_R44.cfg (this HAS to match the aircraft name in the aircraft.cfg) -- Aircraft (at the top) in AirlandFS should say "Robinson 44 v3.0"
  2. the trim is deadly unless there is a sensitivity setting.


14 day(s) ago / Tackad av rotorsimpilot

This is by far the most fun helicopter to fly for me in the game. I'm having a blast so far! And I'm hoping to see an R66 Turbine version with GTN 750 support!

DODOSIM Bell 206... the only (almost)realistic flight dynamics for flightsimulation so far... (for FSX thou)



14 day(s) ago / Tackad av rotorsimpilot

This is sensational! Thanks RSP



14 day(s) ago / Tackad av rotorsimpilot

Just a thought.

This model looks as though it's going to go through a number of iterations before it becomes a mature model. That being the case, will it be necessary for Livery painters to redo their efforts after every update, or will the be able to leave them alone between some (at least) of the alpha versions?

If the former, I suspect that most of us out here shouldn't be trying to chase the livery until it has stabilized - after all, the livery might be the bling, but if it is just the standard livery, the helicopter flies just as well in the default colors. If the latter, there needs to be some indication when a new livery paint is required (for both livery painters and ordinary downloaders).

Great work, BTW - don't forget, the 66 should be a doddle after the 44!

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