Lockheed L-18 Lodestar update

Kompatibilitet med Sim Update 6 har bekräftats.

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Version Final.1
Första lanseringen October 12, 2021
Senast uppdaterad October 22, 2021
Filstorlek 576.04 MB
Downloads 2,154
Status Inte nedladdad ännu
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General Aviation
Exclusive Drag and Drop


1,320 | IV Graduating Recruit

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  • Version Final.1 October 22, 2021

    Three models show white tyres . . . the new upload fixes that.
    I do apologise as this is a big download !

    Alternatively, just copy the texture "tiretreadnew.dds" from any other livery who has this texture,
    and drop it into the livery which shows white tyres, like "Private", "SAA" for instance. Reload MSFS.

    Where to find:
    Community folder > Lockheed L-18 Lodestar > Simobjects > Airplanes > Lockheed L-18 Lodestar > now you see all texture files.
    Click on texture.Aerotran, copy the texture "tiretreadnew.dds", and paste into texture files as required:
    etc where required. I do apologise.

  • Version Final October 21, 2021

  • Lanserad October 12, 2021

    Den första versionen av denna fil har just lanserats. Välkommen ombord!

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35 Kommentarer


19 hour(s) ago / Tackad av albie

It´s a great plane, congrats

I have fixed the tyre problem, and new aircraft file uploaded. I apologise for having to download this again ! For those who don't want to download the aircraft again: you can copy the texture "tiretreadnew.dds" from any of the other liveries who has this texture, and then paste into the texture folder (livery) where required. e-mail me if you have problems, I can also send you the texture ([email protected])



1 day(s) ago / Tackad av albie

Love the plane and the latest tweaks, especially the new cockpit. I know you said this was the final version, but roughly half the models now have white wheels and tires (including the first one, the orange livery and Pan American). Any chance you could tweak that before putting it to bed? Many, many thanks if you can.

Again, most enjoyable to fly and to listen to in 3rd person. Kudos!



2 day(s) ago / Tackad av albie

This plane is a blast to fly!Very nice flight characteristics,as long as you keep the throttle back.I took off and was at 220 soon after.Just backed off and cruised around NYC at 160.Handles very much like a true tail dragger on the ground.Beautiful effort!



4 day(s) ago / Tackad av albie

Flies like a Beauty, cannot taxi or steer on the ground?

Config files need some work. Couldn't adjust the mixture. Was either fully rich or engine cutout. Couldn't restart engines. Prop didn't seem to do anything.Throttle didn't seem to do much either. Had to come in hot with engines off. No pitch trim adjustment. Guess you know all that though.

Nice start notwithstanding the above. Look forward to seeing how far you can take it.

I removed the WT CJ4 and that fixed it! Thanks!



10 day(s) ago / Tackad av albie

...nicht perfekt aber OK!



10 day(s) ago / Tackad av albie

Pretty nice aircraft, it would be amazing if you would implement the real cockpit in the next updates and maybe also the real cabin. But thanks for your work



11 day(s) ago / Tackad av albie

Congratulations! Please continue the conversions. I even have a list of planes i used on the FSX and are not available even at low level.



11 day(s) ago / Tackad av albie

Toll, aber nicht einfach in VR

Thank you for your effort, would it be possible to implement a classic cockpit in the next updates?

not sure why, but after installing in community folder and starting msfs, when I try to fly the plane it shows "warning, incompatible livery" on the panel. if I try to fly anyway, it's like trying to fly a brick and stalls out.... any clue?



11 day(s) ago / Tackad av albie

Thanks for your work that provide us this very nice addon

for some reason i cant get the engines started.

hi there, glad you like it. I will post more liveries in the near future. Enjoy.



11 day(s) ago / Tackad av albie

I like it. It's really fun to fly that historic plane over New-York. Nice liveries too. I don't mind the cockpit. It is not for serious flying for sure but for fun, it's perfect and great for snapshots. Note: The trim doesn't seams to work though.

Thanks for the effort to bring it to MSFS all for free. I hope you gave us more.



11 day(s) ago / Tackad av albie

Echt geil das Ding, guter Sound und lässt sich gut Fliegen. Danke. hab nur ein Liveriefehler rechts bei der Anzeige, aber sonst sehr schön.

A lockeed loadstar with a citation jet cockpit.. really?

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