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TFFJ - St Barthelemy/ Gustaf III Airport - Upgrade

This is an upgrade of the area around St Barts airport and also includes a fix for the overbearing trees on the approach that ruin your showboating landings.  You may thank -  for figuring out how to do this. I wouldn't have had...


This is an upgrade of the area around St Barts airport and also includes a fix for the overbearing trees on the approach that ruin your showboating landings. 

You may thank -  for figuring out how to do this. I wouldn't have had a sodding clue. 

At the moment it's pretty crude but gets the job done. Fiddling with foliage is not a precise science so I'll probably return to this and attempt a better job.

Also added are wind socks in the correct positions, some stock static aircraft and a few corrections such as a baggage cart which mysteriously vapourised and left the luggage floating. 

What I can't be arsed to do at present is anything to the airport's actual functionality - taxi system, aprons etc - as that would necessitate a total rebuild including remaking all the 3d models including the rocks. 

Beyond the fix I have filled the harbour with boats, added some 3d models to the airport area and elsewhere and upped the detail to the approaches.

If you have another foliage mod it might clash with this. If you have the Bijan Studios seasons mod he's dealt with this place already so you don't need this. 


This is a bit convoluted. There are 5 download options that you will see when you press the download button. The 5 main ones each offer a different set up of the same area.

Main File -  This is the upgrade to the area, but not the airport functionality. This mainly adds lots of boats and details and corrects the odd outrage. 

Seafront Simulations Versions -  The same as the above but with all of the boats removed for those who own the Seafront Simulations mod for this area. Also included in the download is a version without static planes. Choose one of them. 

No Static Planes - The main file with no planes parked at the airport. 

Tree Fix Only -  For those who only want the tree fix for the airport and nothing else. 

All of the above have the tree fix included so you only need to download one of them. 

Seafront Simulations/Bijan Seasons Version - Main file with no boats and no tree fix. 

TFF1 - St Barts Seaplane Airport - A seaplane airport with three parking spots in the harbour. ICAO - TFF1. This is a separate download as I presume quite a few people won't want it. The spaces closest to the harbour don't seem very watery at all to me. Quel dommage. 

This file also includes roads in the harbour area as you need an airport to create them, so even if you don't want to fly your seaplane, you might want the roads. 


V 1.4 

Updates all the versions. 

Excludes the cruise ship at the end of the runway. 

Excludes some of Mamu Designs boats in the middle of the water. 

Adds a small number of animated people. 

Cleans up some models. 

With the separate seaplane airport download a helicopter parking spot, number 100, has been added to TFFJ. Also added a static super yacht north of the island, runway 10, to fly off. 


caribbean twin otter islander st barts gustaf iii seaplane
Sim Update 11
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Has anyone noticed that the hill is both steeper and closer in to the runway 10 threshold than in real life? It's actually not really possible to land the way the Winair guys do here. I wish you could flatten the hill a little bit and make it like it is in real life. Will try and post some comparisons. It's significantly different.


You've done an awesome job with this scenery, can I ask you to fix one thing for us? Could you please add the 1,000 and 2,000 foot markers to the runway? See here:,h_600,c_limit/dam-images-daily-2014-01-tae-st-barts-tae-st-barts-02-winair-plane-cockpit.jpg

Thank you very much for this scenery! I come here very often!

Looks good, works great. Love all the details you've put into this project. So nice not to have to compete with those overbearing trees anymore! Seems to be working fine w/SU 10.

Thanks for your recent update and continued special attention to this beautiful location. It keeps getting better! I use the main file and seaplane base and all is working great. Your 3D people certainly make it come alive. Love the seaplane base and surroundings. Recommendation: use a slow drone camera to 'walk' the perimeter of the seaplane base during violet sky twilight hours when the lights are on. Great ambience while listening to the splashing waves. Put on some Calypso music while you're at it! One of my favourite places in the sim.


Nice to have an update with animated people etc. making the place look more alive and detailed.

Slight problem though. I don't use Seafront Simulations, but I do have Bijan's Seasons, so am using the TFFJ - St Barts Seafront Simulations/ Bijan Studios version, plus I also use the TFF1 - St Barts Seaplane Airport. 

So I am now missing lots of boats, jet-skis etc, which now makes the place look somewhat baren, particularly the harbour with the seaplane airport which now only has some ugly submerged 2D boats.

Also this leads to a side effect of strange people stranded out in the bay who presumably were previously sitting on boats.

So can we have a version for Bijan's Seasons without the deletion of boats please? Know what I mean?

See short video:

hi, i guess if i use rex accuseasons improvment for this area and seafront. i have to use seafront/bijan too?

"Excludes some of Mamu Designs boats in the middle of the water."

Which of the version? I see none with MAMU flagged into it 😊

I have both Bijan Seasons Version and Seafront Simulations which file should I use?

Hey, I got the main file and unziped it in the community folder, but the mod isnt showing up ingame.

How to fix this?

Really great improvement over the handcrafted one, but if I may I would like to suggest you one or two thing that still need improvement

-first the end of the runways near the sea, the slope become « flatter » , is it possible to do some terraforming magic so that it become like that?

-second, the runways marking, is it possible to get the same runways marking as the real one?

-Lastly, the gate and parking on the appron, those as been updated a while ago there is now 4 gate in front of the terminal. Isit possible to get them as well?

I know I’m asking a lot, and I’m traying to get into SDK stuff to make or modify scenery, I know it requires time and there is still people like myself that are never happy. Anywythank you for the work you already putted into that airport

Hey there, is there any chance you can add some exclusions for trees on the hill around the roundabout, it appears the latest sim updates have put the trees back in and they are in the way. Thanks.

Salut merci beaucoup pour tes retouches il y avais vraiment besoin. Ce pendant j'aimerais vous demander est-ce normal sur le coté droite à l'atterrissage que la route soit cacher par les arbres? c'est possible de mettre une exclusion d'arbre? si c'est possible de grossir légèrement aussi la croix sur la Coline et les deux manches à air histoire d'être bien visible a l'approche Merci beaucoup par avance 😊

Bravo et Merci pour cet excellent travail.

Un vrai régal de survoler et d'atterrir à St Barth.

Par curiosité, j'ai survolé le cimetière où est enterré Johnny Halliday le célèbre chanteur français, où de nombreux admirateurs viennent en pèlerinage se recueillir. Le cimetière est bien là, près de la D 209 dans l'anse de Lorient.

Sa tombe est près de la route de Saline.

Cela doit être certainement difficile de modéliser le cimetière malgré les nombreuses photos figurant sur Google. Peut être dans une prochaine version ?En tous cas Merci encore pour cette superbe réalisation.



Thank you! Excellent work

I'm not getting the trees removed for the approach, but using REX AccuSeason and not Bijan here. Is your fix Ok with REX?

Excellent work! Could you also make a tree fix for Madeira Airport (LPMA)? The tree surrounding rwy 05 is annoying. Thank you so much~~

So i downloaded the main file, as i don't have any of the other mods mentioned, everything looks great, but the tree fix is not there. there are still a bunch of tall trees blocking the runway. does google maps mod or rex accuseasons mess this up?

Would it be possible to have a version for Seafront with no static planes?

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  • Version 1.4 September 20, 2022

    Updates all the versions.

    Excludes the cruise ship at the end of the runway.

    Excludes some of Mamu Designs boats in the middle of the water.

    Adds a small number of animated people.

    Cleans up some models.

    With the separate seaplane airport download a helicopter parking spot, number 100, has been added to TFFJ. Also added a static super yacht north of the island, runway 10, to fly off.

  • Version 1.3 January 27, 2022

    Adds some moving boats and removes some of the stupidest stock boats.

    Sorts out the airport fence at the end of the runway.

    Adds some runway paint but you need the seaplane base to see it.

  • Version 1.2 November 21, 2021

    Adds a seaplane airport - ICAO TFF1 with 3 parking spots in the harbour. This is a separate download.

    Replaces the main file with the upgrade and makes the tree fix only a separate download.

    In the upgrade more work has been done to the harbour and approaches.

  • Version 1.1 November 17, 2021

    Tweaks the vegetation to make the wind socks more visible.

    Also two other versions have been added which are more of a full embellishment.

    For this version a static Twin Otter and Islander have been added. A few more details tweaked around the airport area. Plenty of watercraft models added to the island.

    The other version is the same except it removes the boats for people who own the Seafront Simulations mod for this area.

  • Lanserad November 16, 2021

    Den första versionen av denna fil har just lanserats. Välkommen ombord!

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