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(CZ version of this readme is in the download)

The idea of this package is to convert the original Czech GA Airfields Revival 2017 to MSFS 2020. This final release contains 58 converted Czech GA airfields (refer to “Final state of play” below and to a Google map here).

The original Revival 2017 was released for FSX/P3D in November 2016 and contained 73 sceneries of GA airfields in the Czech Republic which were developed by 37 scenery designers from 2002 to 2016. The Revival 2017 package came into being bona fide under the approval of the original authors and / or in accord with the requirements in the original readmes.

Copy to your Community folder.

Revival 2020 FAQ
1) What is meant by a “conversion”?
This conversion of the Revival package contains: original assets (objects), updated common library objects (ex. FlightPort and LHS libraries), original textures, original layout of the buildings on the airfields, added some default hangars where needed, parkings, runways, aprons and taxiways and default windsocks per current status.

2) The objects are rather simple, there is a recently built hangar missing, there is no PBR texturing, no 4k (8k, 16k...) textures... what the hell?
Yes, as stated above - these are not newly created sceneries. This is a conversion aiming to bridge the gap between default and new MSFS 2020 custom built sceneries. Mind, three quarters of the sceneries were created betwen 2006 and 2013 (so quite likely at the time when some of the current simmers were still wearing pampers :-)) and therefore they are witnesses of modeling and texturing techniques of the era as well as the field layout at the time.
In case you do not like it, feel free to use any other alternative and do not forget to ask your money back! :-)

3) Cool, but there is a shiny new scenery of my favourite Czech airport XXXX for MSFS 2020 (insert ICAO code of the airfield in question).
Great, where can I get it too? Oh and go to the Czech GA Revival 2020 file structure and just delete modelLib-XXXX.bgl, XXXX-scene.bgl and XXXX-POLY.bgl.

4) Why do you publish this? It will only prevent others to work on new sceneries being up to the MSFS 2020 standard.
No. That would be stupid. The Revival 2020 package is intended to be used while waiting for these new state-of-the-art sceneries to come out (if ever). That’s why the package is easily modulable (check FAQ nr. 3). Besides, these sceneries still look good in MSFS 2020!

5) This is great! Where can I donate?
Glad you are enjoying the Revival 2020 and I appreciate your generosity. There is no donate button since that was the requirement and the deal with the authors of the original sceneries.

6) What’s next?
The plan is simple:
(i) Functioning landing Ts
(ii) Conditional visibility of some static objects (so that e.g. the gliders are not visible at night or when raining)
(iii) Cut the grass on runways and taxiways (once allowed by the SDK).

Final state of play as of 26/02/2021

Authors of the original sceneries
Filip Dvořák, Filip Kučera, František Brablc, Honza Štěpnička, Ivan Jurčaga, Ivo Pořický, Jakub Koutný, Jan Červený, Jan Moravec, Jan Pláteník, Jaroslav Růženec, Jiří Brožek, Jiří Buček, Jiří Masník, Jiří Šťastný, Karel Dvořák, Kendy Schwarz, Lukáš Dubnický, Lukáš Maurer, Marek Rom, Martin Hraběta, Martin Mojš, Martin Svatoň, Martin Všetíček, Milan Junášek, Miroslav Kadlec, Ondřej Koukol, Pavel Beneš, Pavel Brodský, Pavel Karásek, Pavel Toman, Petr Borůvka, Radek Vašíček, Stanislav Morávek, Tomáš Svoboda, Vít Ženíšek, Vladimír Svoboda and Zdeněk Kussior.

A detailed overview of who and when designed which scenery, is included in the Czech GA Airfields Revival.xlsx file (coming from the original Revival 2017 package). LKBO and LKDETR are new sceneries by Radek Vašíček , LKCHOV by František Brablc and LKKOTV by Tomáš Králíček. 

A big Thank You goes to all people without who the Revival 2020 would not come true – designers of the original sceneries. A big Thank You goes also to Arno Gerretsen, author of ModelConverterX and for his support on www.fsdeveloper.com.

Disclaimer / Copyright
The author of this package, as well as the authors of the original sceneries, is not responsible for any damage caused by the use of this package.

This package is free. It is forbidden to distribute it (wholly or partially) for commercial purposes without approval of the author of this package and the authors of the original sceneries. Furthermore, it is forbidden to alter parts of the sceneries and / or use them in other sceneries without a written approval of the authors.

Milan, February 2021
version 1.0.0

Det är ganska tomt här borta.


Dessa användare har donerat till apollon01 så att han kan fortsätta att göra fantastiska tillägg som alla kan njuta av.

Det är ganska tomt här borta.

  • Version 1.0.0 February 26, 2021

    New airports added:
    - LKMR
    - LKRO
    - LKTA
    - LKVO
    - LKZM

    Landing Ts corrected.
    Direction of windsocks corrected.

  • Version 0.7.0 February 15, 2021

    New airports added:
    - LKCB
    - LKHB
    - LKLT
    - LKMB
    - LKUL

  • Version 0.6.0 January 27, 2021

    New airports added:
    - LKDK
    - LKHD
    - LKPN
    - LKSN
    - LKTD

  • Version 0.5.0 January 07, 2021

    New airports added:
    - LKHC
    - LKJA
    - LKNM
    - LKVP

Title Subject Last Updated Answers
Have you spotted any issue? Please report here.
November 22, 2020

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54 Kommentarer


in previous version of Revival Pack, there were container housing at LKVO appron W with cars parked in front and proper tower. Now, there are only some generic buildings. Can you add the previous ones? If you need any photos of it, i can help 😉

Thanks, díky! 😊

Hello, do you have any info about LKPL? It is my home airport irl. Awesome work, thank you for that addon!!
Great job, guys! But to be quite satisfied, add LKTC, my home airfield, please. Is there any chance?
Hi, there are already sceneries on this site for LKPA, LKJC and LKCR - is there a reason that you still include them in your package?
Incredible work. Thanks a lot.
Milan, it is perfect 😊. LKLT is beautiful and ideal start airport for Prague city overflying.
Thanks a lot
That's a great feeling to see an alert that there is a new version of your GA Revival 2020 and while clicking on it thinking, which airports it will be this time. My map of Czech airports looks better and better so fast. I hope we'll see some updates from other developers as well.
Hi, please, will Staňkov also be converted - LKSA? The original scenery was from Michal Krechowski to MFS 2004. thank! Otherwise, great job!
PS: Let me ask you, what program do you use to create (conversion), the scenery for FS2020? I'd like to try something myself. Thanks!
Hi Milan,
maybe I just did not see it, but is there anything existent for LKPD - Pardubice?
Milan, thank you for today's next a badge of small airports. It is super work. Will be LKPM too, please?
Wonderful, thank you very much.
FANTASTIC! Thank you very much for your efforts. Absolutely stunning.
Milan, thanks a lot for todays update next small czech airports but inside scenery\world\scenery folder is as I hope mistake at LKYN-POLY.BGL name . It should be LKZN
I like to fly over our small czech airports - today Vrchlabi is beautiful including Snezka and Zaly 😊. I looking forward to LKTC and LKPL
About update 0.2.0... It looks like you were able to fix elevation issues brought by the default setting of MSFS in LKKO. Great! Thank you very much.
Beautiful work. Thank you very much. I can't wait for the next version and another airports. 😊
Wonderful work and I am very happy that Medlánky will be 😊
Awesome job, this just made VFR flying over the CZ much more fun!

May I root for prioritization of LKKU as this has been my home airfield for past eight years? Still an active glider/TMG pilot there. 😊
Interesting attack, but I already said that. otherwise LKZD, what do you have in the list, so I also manage it with me and since I live here, it probably won't be more up-to-date, so keep it to you 😉
Delighted you have done this I have always been a great fan of Czech sceneries in all my flightsims, keep up the great work.
First of all, it's an absolutely great project! Thank you very much for getting into it. My personal thank you for having LKBE in the start kit 😊 Though I hope it will not demotivate other developers from creating their own Czech airports. On the contrary, I hope it will help them to concentrate on not presented ones and later use this work for modeling their own versions. Hope, LKKO, and LKPM will come soon as well. I also hope you are/will be in contact with other developers not to create duplicates (it's easy for us to delete not needed the way you described, but I think it would be a waste of your time).... One more question about removal. You mentioned two files to delete. Do I understand correctly, there are three to remove? modelLib-XXXX.BGL, XXXX-scene.BGL, and XXXX-POLY.BGL

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