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KNYL MCAS Yuma, Yuma International Airport

Scenery includes enhancements to Yuma Airport auto-generated scenery. This enhancement primarily was initially created to correct ILS alignment and to correct taxiway and runway signage. New models were created for Airport Surveillance Radar, Precision Approach Radar, TACAN, and T Shade Parking. Other enhancements...


Place included package folder named:  airport-knyl-yuma in the Packages/Community folder applicable to your MSFS installation.

This scenery package contains enhancements to existing scenery for MCAS Yuma/Yuma International Airport as follows:

  • Correction to ILS 21R Approach alignment.
  • Replacement of all taxiway and runway signage.
  • Creation and addition of custom DASR Radar model.
  • Creation and addition of custom PAR antenna model.
  • Creation and addition of custom TACAN antenna model.
  • Creation and addition of custom T Shade aircraft parking models.
  • A-Gear motor placement (Native MSFS Models).
  • Some minor building and hangar placements (Native MSFS Models).
  • Some enhancement to vehicle parking at terminal (Native MSFS Models).
  • Addition of refueling areas:  GA Ramp Self Serve and Military Fuel Pits.
  • Re-arrangement and addition of aircraft parking:
    • North Parking = Customs
    • Gate = Terminal
    • Northeast Parking = Military Ops and North (Rotor Wing) Fuel Pit
    • East Parking = Military Parking Lines and Fixed Wing Fuel Pit
    • Southeast Parking = Military North CALA
    • South Parking = Military South CALA
    • West Parking = T Shades, Million Air FBO, Hero Hangars, and Care Flight
    • Northwest Parking = Northwest Hangars
  • Improve taxiway lighting.
  • Addition of some water towers and water tanks (Native MSFS Models).
  • Addition of some ground personnel at parking spots (Native MSFS Models).
  • Addition of ramp lighting (MSFS Models).
  • Some landcaping to hide MSFS auto generated infield asphalt, which is incorrect.

Primary initial goal was to re-align the ILS localizer signal that was off by a few degrees.  Secondary goal was to correct some missplaced and incorrect signage, which ended up being an entire replacement of taxiway and runway signage.  Sign proofreading and editing is ongoing for improvement.  This scenery is not yet intended to be a complete visual re-creation of the airport and this scenery still relies on many auto-generated buildings and other automatically generated objects. 

Future attention will be to create realistic hangars and buildings to replace the basic models placed on the airfield as well as to replace some auto-generated buildings.  Additional landscaping will be included later to roughen up and otherwise enhance the auto-generated airfield layout.

Existing issues for future improvement are: 

  • Fuel trucks can be slow to respond due to extended travel distances.  Enhancements pending.
  • MSFS ATC only taxis departures to the main parallel runways but this seems to be a generic MSFS issue.  Troubleshooting continues.
  • Limitations on ramp naming conventions for ATC.  Use the list above for ramp selection when using MSFS ATC.
  • Interaction of adding an airport over existing airport erases many painted lines on the ramps.  This will require manual painted line placement later.
  • Auto generated landscaping is too crisp and visually unrealistic.  This will be enhanced soon.
  • Taxiway light spacing on long straigh routes needs to be adjusted for wider spacing.

The following channels on YouTube are credited and are great sources of instruction on using the MSFS SDK Editor:  MyPhisicalWorld, Flying Theston, BennyBoy444, and Federico Pinotti.

Model texturing created using texture assets from (CC0), (CC0), (CC0), (CC0), and some of my own.

Sim Update 11
Intl. Airports
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October 31, 2022
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  • Uppdaterad till version 1.6

  • Uppdaterad till version 1.5

  • Uppdaterad till version 1.4

  • Uppdaterad till version 1.3

  • Uppdaterad till version 1.2

  • Uppdaterad till version 1.1

  • Initial File Release

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Very nice! I've created a French air base and this gives me a lot of ideas. Also, any chance you could create a scenery library that includes those shade hangars? There's so many airports that have these and there aren't any freeware models available. I'm still learning modeling, so I have to rely on freeware libraries.

Im not sure if this is an internal issue to me or not , but all the F-18s are smoked up as if they all have their aerobatic smoke on? i went thru my Community folder and removed the Addon i thought was causing the issue, but to no aval its still present..and the mod i had was the only one i knew was a suspect in the past. Did you happen to use the F18s from the Pensacola scenery? will re evalute after a few updates to see if this rating i gave goes up... i was working on a Yuma Airport/ mostly the Mil side

Seems to be that Im missing many of the buildings in this scenery. No Terminal building too

Any idea why I'd be missing the terminal building?

Many thanks for this - great effort

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  • Version 1.6 January 25, 2023

    1.6 Update
    Created and added Million Air building model, which is currently empty. More to come.
    Created and added Support Warehouse building model on mil ramp.
    Improved detail on two military line hangars, others pending.
    Created and added streetlight models around GA ramp.
    Added parking and painted lines to GA ramps, Mil ramps, North CALA, and South CALA.
    Added painted lines to RW Pits on mil ramp.
    Converted Static F18 from simobject to scenery object to suppress unwanted sim actions.
    Added painted lines to GA Ramps.
    Added additional (reduced) levels of detail to custom models to improve performance.
    Added painted lines and lights to Pad 4.
    Added obstruction lights to parts of fence line and some buildings. Work in progress.
    Miscellaneous texture improvements.

    Future projects:
    Increase detail on custom buildings.
    Increase detail on painted lines - auto created line transitions are not smooth.
    Create and add more custom hangars to military line.
    Create and add custom terminal building.

  • Version 1.5 December 31, 2022

    1.5 Update
    Details added and some corrections made to custom hangars on GA Ramp.
    Fixed and improved lighting at custom hangars and T Shades on GA Ramp.
    Added parking spots to mil ramp, work in progress
    Added painted lines to mil ramp parking, work in progress.
    Moved southern mil ramp parking assignments to SE Parking list for MSFS ATC.
    Instanced F18 static parked simobjects to prevent unwanted aircraft actions (smoke).
    Fixed fuel truck spawning and increased vehicle spawn points for quicker service.

  • Version 1.4 December 17, 2022

    1.4 Update
    Added custom built hangars: Hero Hangars, Martha Hangar (fictional), and Big Adventure Hangar.
    Martha Hangar will be rebuilt soon with correct materials and doors.
    Added custom lights to T Shades, needs more work for proper illumination.
    Detail work on custom buildings is a work in progress.

  • Version 1.3 December 10, 2022

    1.3 Update
    Due to reports of missing buildings, the following was implemented:
    Switched Terminal building from MSFS upgrade to fs-generic model, the generic is better imho.
    Switched some GA hangars and buildings from premium MSFS to fs-generic models.
    Re-enabled auto-gen hangar on north mil ramp - subject of future updates in this area.
    Note: Aircraft parking shades on mil ramp are likely MSFS upgrade models and may not appear for some users.
    Replaced nearly all ramp lighting to generic models, will work on custom lighting for buildings.
    Note: All buildings listed above will be upgraded to custom buildings in future updates.
    Added more GA ramp fencing.

  • Version 1.2 December 09, 2022

    1.2 Update
    Created hangars to southeast mil ramp.
    Work in progress to add detail to new hangars and fix environment occlusion (rain inside).
    Added misc mil equipment to southeast mil ramp.
    Improved mil ramp terraforming.
    Fixed taxiway painted edgelines east mil taxiways and mil ramps.
    Fixed Runway 3R at Delta taxiway hold short painted line - was wrong direction.
    Added misc painted lines GA ramp.
    Adjusted misc taxiway lights.
    Added more fencing near GA ramps.
    MSFS ATC parking locations fixed and updated, corrects issues with MSFS auto ATC:
    West = Million Air, Hero Hangars, T Shades, etc...
    Northwest = Northwest Hangars.
    North = Customs.
    Gate = Gates 1 and 2.
    East = East Military parking ramps.
    Southeast = Military North CALA parking.
    South = Military South CALA parking.
    Work in progress to ensure building visibility regardless of users installation.

  • Version 1.1 December 01, 2022

    1.1 Update
    Re-build for MSFS 11 release.
    Added lights at FBO ramp to: T Shade, Hero Hangars, Garza Hangar, and Martha Hangar.
    Terraformed runway and taxiway profiles for realistic elevations.
    Made some terraform shaping of Military and GA ramps.
    Rotated self-serve fuel point to improve as a starting point.
    Rotated fixed wing and helo pit to improve as a starting point.
    Removed unrealistic 3D fuel payment mesh from fueling points.
    Raised height of 21R PAPI to improve long range visibility.
    Changed parking assignments due to MSFS ATC listing limits but ATC parking is broken, fix being researched.
    Gate = Terminal and can use for Customs.
    North Parking = NW Hangars and can be used for Customs.
    East Parking = RW Pits, Base Ops, North Mil ramps, FW Pits South Mil ramps and North CALA.
    South Parking = South CALA.
    West Parking = General Aviation FBO Ramps.
    Added antennas at GA Ramp.
    Added scrub brush to southern infield areas.
    Changed some vegetation biomes for realistic bushes and trees, needs work for orchards.
    Fixed coloration of surface at 21L Delta area.
    Added environmental occlusion to T Shade structures to shield rain.
    Added collision characteristic to T Shade structure, works intermittently.

    Comment if surface anomalies found, will fix as they are discovered. Some minor surface fixes underway.
    Surface coloration based on using Bing Data and Photogrametry setting activated.
    Offline mode uses surface coloration that won't match this package.
    Researching ability to insert improved surface image from Google Earth.
    Some signage and other items may be slightly above ground due to terraforming issues, will fix as discovered.
    Working on fixing some surface wrinkles due to terraforming.
    Working on fencing.

  • Lanserad October 31, 2022

    Den första versionen av denna fil har just lanserats. Välkommen ombord!

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