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Old Bridge Flight School Airport 3N6 and Raceway Park Drag Racing Strip

Old Bridge Flight School 3N6, Englishtown, NJ USA My first attempt at creating an airport.  Thank you to Erasam for teaching me how to import 3d models into the sim :).   Thank you to mamu82 for teaching me how to add vfx. There's a bit of work...


Old Bridge Flight School 3N6, Englishtown, NJ USA

My first attempt at creating an airport.  Thank you to Erasam for teaching me how to import 3d models into the sim :).  

Thank you to mamu82 for teaching me how to add vfx.

There's a bit of work still needed and some things that need correction like glowing people at night haha. .  Will update as I continue and learn more.

To install, decompress the .rar file into your community folder.

Donations would be greatly appreciated and help me to continue creating.

Please comment if any mistakes are found so I can try to fix them.  Thanks and hope you enjoy!

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Första lanseringen
November 24, 2022
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3 month(s) ago — 2.8




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  • Uppdaterad till version 2.8

  • Uppdaterad till version 2.7

  • Uppdaterad till version 2.6

  • Uppdaterad till version 2.5

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© Robi_613 - All rights reserved. Det är förbjudet att ladda upp eller distribuera denna fil på nytt utan upphovsmannens skriftliga medgivande. Denna Flight Simulator 2020 Mod skapades av Robi_613 and shared in Scenery Enhancements » Regional Airports för Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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30 Kommentarer
Tackad av Robi_613

Fantastic! The animations and details are amazing, and the entire airport is just a fun place to explore. I featured it in my latest YouTube flight:

Tackad av Robi_613

Great job @Robi_613 ! Very nICE detail.

Tackad av Robi_613

Very Nice scenery . This is an amazing job , you did ! Congrats

Tackad av Robi_613

Hello Robi

first of all thank you for your quality scenery

Just a small detail that is not very local, these firetrucks are more European than American, maybe if you have time, you could for example use this US emergency pack to modify that, it's a small detail but it surprises me every time in the USA ^^

Fantastic work!

Tackad av Robi_613

Very cool! Very creative. I've been there in person, love the animated top fuel cars. Very cool smoke effects!

Tackad av Robi_613

Great, Tx!

Tackad av Robi_613

Excellent scenery that's getting better and better with each release. I was in Hightstown for almost a month last summer and never had the time to visit the raceway. Btw, if you would like to add wind effects to your american flag you can use a library over here at

Tackad av Robi_613

great work glad someone else is on the race tracks vibe!

Tackad av Robi_613

I'm downloading it now, looks cool. Thanx

Tackad av Robi_613

As a fellow scenery designer I have to commend, well done looks really nice, a suggestion I can give is parking bays? currently one can only start from the runway, but other than that well done,

Tackad av Robi_613

Awesome job, well done.

Tackad av Robi_613

Hey Looks like The Real Airfield!

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Förslag, fel och idéer för framtiden.

  • Version 2.8 January 06, 2023

    -Added two types of car barriers, tents, manholes, go kart sign, Asobo businessman being very busy under one of the tents, various fixes and another things which I can't recall at the moment
    -Yes I mistyped Sanitation, not to worry, already corrected for next update

  • Version 2.7 January 04, 2023

    -Cleaned up the flags and extended the animations.
    They are now animated by wind speed. The wind direction however, I've only gotten to work partially. Not sure yet how to fix it.

  • Version 2.6 January 03, 2023

    -Animated the flags. They currently do not react to the wind, just animated. Working on setting that up now. A word of caution, they look kind of funky when close up so keep your distance!
    ....more to come...

  • Version 2.5 December 29, 2022

    -Fixed 3 cars that were totaled by giant light posts, not to worry it's covered by the insurance policy
    -Fixed the floating woman at the go kart track, illegal spectating will not be tolerated
    -Fixed southeast parking lot lines shifted onto the drag strip

  • Version 2.4 December 29, 2022

    -Fixed giant parking lot lamps base textures and made sure they aren't floating, also repositioned them yet another time :)
    -Added cement foundations under ticket booths
    -Removed floating night orbs
    -Added parked cars and trucks
    -Painted NW parking lot and Go-Kart track
    -Added racing Go-Karts. I know very little about this sport also so go easy on me :). Originally I had everything rigged, including the drivers but for some reason I'm not able to import it so for now only the front tires and steering wheels turn (need to reanimate when I find the time)
    ….more to come

  • Version 2.3 December 20, 2022

    -Organized directory structure so all folders are contained in one folder
    -Added lookout deck/building
    -Painted almost all of the parking lots (will be filling them up in the future)
    -Added ticket booths and gates to both entrances
    -Added second entrance signs, thanks to SideshowRod13 for the reference images
    -Added perimeter fence around most of the park
    -Adjusted the night lighting
    -Added grass areas, trees, shrubs, bushes
    -Added another water dock
    I'm aware of a number of things that still need correction but feel free to leave a comment if you find something that needs to be fixed
    ....................much more to come

    Would love to add sounds but so far not getting very far ...if you have the know how and are willing to guide me through the process please message me, thanks.

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