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Version 2.6.2
Första lanseringen December 30, 2020
Senast uppdaterad November 25, 2021
Filstorlek 1.48 MB
Downloads 10,028
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5,935 | VI First Officer

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  • Version 2.6.2 November 25, 2021

    - Added Headwind A330-900neo. (EFB not synced)
    - Added RotorSimPilot Robinson R44 Raven II. (All pilots need to have flight model loaded with AirlandFS tool if transferring controls)
    - Fixed time sync on initial connect to host.
    - Fixed H135 throttle collective.
    - Attempted to fix random warping on control transfer.
    - Attempted to fix low FPS on long flights even without using YourControls.
    - More instantaneous control transfer.
    - New option to disable verbose logging sent/received packets to reduce log file size.
    - Fixed an issue where the hostname/IP would disappear upon a failed connection.

  • Version 2.6.1 November 20, 2021

    * Added PMDG DC-6A/B (beta).
    - Note there are a few control knobs and multi-position switches that will physically move but won't sync the corresponding event(s) to client aircraft. We are working on how to send events that require multiple values.
    - For best sync possible, start Cold and Dark.
    - Ground power unit (GPU) sometimes despawns when connecting to host. To resync, simply toggle off and then on again with EFB (tablet).
    - Flaps sometimes fully extend for client when connecting to an already powered aircraft despite lever in same position.
    - Gyropilot is very sensitive and will fail for client aircraft in aggressive turns or weather. Recommend avoiding steep turns when using gyropilot turn knob and level out before resetting gyropilot switches.
    - Gyropilot for client pretends to follow GPS route but will drift if control handed over.
    - Gyropilot with altitude control ON will sometimes start porposing after control transfer but eventually stabilizes.
    - Windshield deice, once activated, client will always remain ON despite physical knob switched OFF. This is currently a workaround and will try to fix at later date.
    - Fuel is currently unsynced, but payload and passengers is. Fill up tanks accordingly before start.
    - Maintenance manager (EFB) is unsynced. Repair and service aircraft before start.
    - Beacon and Nav lights do not turn on despite switches ON. Hit 'L' on keyboard. (Asobo issue)
    - Since all switches are synced, AFE should only be used by one person at a time, or at least until his actions are finished.
    - Cargo/Exit doors and stairs use special events and will get out of sync if a change is made while co-pilot not connected.
    * Added Carenado PA-34T Seneca V.
    - For best sync possible, start Cold and Dark.
    - Autopilot buttons use B-event toggle so 60% of the time, they work every time.
    - Propeller deice switch does not physically move for client but event still syncs.
    * Added A32NX Experimental.
    * Renamed and updated HypePerformanceGroup H135 to v1.4.3.
    - Recommend using L2: Basic flight model.
    - Starter switches are buggy when ramp starting. May have to switch them up and down a few times for client to properly start.
    - Throttle collective does not sync properly. Engines will remain in high-idle for client. (They can throttle up themselves but person-in-control overrides position/altitude)
    * Quick patch of Aerosoft CRJ for 550-1000 family update. Full profile redo is planned for later.
    - Simulator fuel menu and payload now synced, EFB tablet is not.
    * Added Asobo F/A-18E Super Hornet.
    - Many things don't sync because of B-events.
    - Cold start results in flap system issue. (Asobo issue)
    * Added Asobo PC-6 Porter.
    - Many things don't sync because of B-events.
    - ADF swap is borked. Fast clicking swap will help correct frequencies.
    * Added Asobo VoloCity helicopter.
    * Added S-1S changes to Asobo_Pitts.
    * Renamed XCub to X_NXCub.

    * Added support for aircraft slewing.
    * Added support for TACAN channels.
    * Added sync of G-force.
    * Added sync of delta heading rate.
    * Fixed A32NX sync of control stick, rudder pedals, and toe brakes.
    * Fixed A32NX spoiler arm not always working.
    * Fixed A32NX control transfer death spiral.
    * Fixed missing control transfer hotkey (launch bar) to A32NX.
    * Fixed warp crashing into ocean after control transfer.
    * Fixed glitching around 360 degrees North.
    * Fixed wheel spinning and launching forward on ground caused by faulty physics corrector.
    * Fixed excessive aileron/rudder/FD drift with autopilot ON caused by AP not knowing how fast you are moving around the planet.
    * Fixed magneto sync when pairing with someone using a physical yoke.
    * Fixed throttle levers not syncing for modded aircraft using local vars as throttle position. (WT CJ4 and DA-62X)
    * Fixed blue propeller and red mixture levers.

  • Version 2.5.12 April 11, 2021

    * Fixed issues with the FBW A32NX experimental throttles desynced, vertical speed mismatched, and rattling sounds
    * Synced emergency light on the WT CJ4
    * Synced doors on the MixMugz TBM930
    * Attempted to fix WT CJ4 FD/Range desync
    * Attempted to fix Airbus H135 starters desync

  • Version 2.5.11 April 10, 2021

    * Resynced A32NX spoilers
    * Fix CJ4 autopilot altitude/heading selector issues

  • Version 2.5.10 April 08, 2021

    * Actually synced A32NX flaps
    * Support WT CJ4 new master light knob

  • Version 2.5.9 April 08, 2021

    * Added support for the Airbus H135
    * Resynced flaps/spoiler in the A32NX

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175 Kommentarer

Our highs and speeds are out of sync

your controls installed, --> your controls, in this test, are not used but are only in the community folder <--

after 1-2 hours strong jerking (frame breakdowns) when turning the view

whether in the cockpit or from the outside

if nothing is moved, the fps are back to normal

hello, is a port to Xbox being considered? thank you so much

any idea if the hawk is possible?

The just pusblished amazing Sim Skunk Worls TF-104 G is a fantastic mod and - like the G-91 I'm pretty sure it will have a great success! TF-104 G of course is a 2 seats jet and has a completely clickable and working scaled cockpit on the back seat too, with student curtain working (for IFR training) and all the rear cockpit instruments and switches there in place and working. I'ts a new mod and I don't know if - like other mods - the profile could potentially be integrated in YourControls, but considering the marvel of the mod and the jet reproduced, it could be super having this profile in YourControls...

I like the product but unfortunately it gives performance issues in my SIM, I can't perform flights longer than 4hs because the framerate goes from 40 to 4 fps

even if I don't use YourControls, the performance problem I described happens

Once I removed YourControls I can perform longhaul flights +15hs without losing more than 5 fps.

I don't know why this happens but please take a look at this. 😊

This product is my youth dream. Unfortunately with the latest version of the CRJ I have noticed several problems, such as the lack of synchronization of the displays. Are you going to update the compatibility?

Also for this version, YourControls.exe is detected as a virus. BITDEFENDER Antivirus detect the  Gen:Variant.Razy.768062 infection and put the file in quarantine. Any idea ?

Any idea why the update suddenly alerts as a virus? Can't even run the app because it instantly gets shut down by windows defender and deleted. When I ran it through the online virus scans, 11 out of 64 scanners are showing a trojan.

Carenado Piper Seneca V and Carenado PA28?

We need to A330-900neo

Love the Mod would be amaizing if you had compatibility with a bredok3d-boeing737 would love to fly with friends

Goodmorning everyone . I wanted to ask if it is still in development as everyone would like to fly with a friend or instructor, and I think it is also an integral part of the future of MSFS2020. But does it only work on Vatsim as described, or can it also be used in IVAO? Thank you for the time you dedicate to this very interesting program

Are you still working on this ?

Superb mod. I like hand flying planes, my long distance girlfriend across an ocean likes watching the scenery, so we use this to sync our flight.

Used at 10hz refresh rate and it was flawless for the whole hour.

It is a good idea, I hope it can be a great mod.

Hey Sequal.. my buddy and i have flown the A32NX Development version the past 3 days and wanted to put you in the loop on some issues we've been running into. First day we did 2 flights with no issues. Second day we did 2 more flights and during both of those we found that when one of us would go to align the ADIRS the other persons wasnt moving. And then also when one of us would push the "ALL" flight attendant button on the bottom left of the overhead, the other persons wasnt being pushed. Then lastly today we tried to do a flight and ran into a bigger issue. When my buddy would connect to my server his aircraft would spin 180 degrees resulting in it orienting the opposite direction than how it was supposed to. We both spawn at the same gate, same livery, in cold and dark. So after this happening a couple times after restarting sim we decided to try and config our a/c the same, taxi to a spot and put our nose wheels on the same spot to try and be in the same place and then connect. upon connecting his a/c spins around. when i give him control it spins me around. After we jumped into the WT CJ4 and we didnt have this issues. seems like its tied to A32NX. Of course both times days that we started having issues were after updating the a/c. Just wanted to put you in the loop. Thank you so much for all your hard work in making something that used to be damn near impossible, possible.

Any chance to get this amazing mod to work with PMDG DC6? Thanks!

Can this be used on the BN Islander ? Thanks for any help.

great mod , but still continues the desynchronization of vertical speed in developer versions. Anything I can change in the file to fit this. Thanks for the contribution to the community.

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