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Gatwick Airport EGKK Ultra Full Edition: Custom Runways/taxiways/aprons/parking/buildings and Models

In the process of rebuilding the taxiways and parking bays due to asobo changing the rules of the SDK regarding taxiway points Full Airport reconstruction of runways, Modelling is now more detailed than the old Ultra Version V8.0, i just have the huge task...


In the process of rebuilding the taxiways and parking bays due to asobo changing the rules of the SDK regarding taxiway points

Full Airport reconstruction of runways, Modelling is now more detailed than the old Ultra Version V8.0, i just have the huge task of making the runways/taxiways/aprons/parking bays/painted lines..
The airport is now operational with lots of updates coming

Installing updated versions for EGKK and Best way to clear your cache and get rid of old data indexes

  • 1) Delete the older version 'gatwick' from community folder
  • 2) Start fs2020 and spawn to default Gatwick
  • 3) Close Fs2020 and install New version into community folder as 'gatwick'
  • 4) Open fs2020

This method will solve the problem of scenery not appearing, or overlapping models

ONLY GATES are serviced by Jetways. Even if you are on a Left side stand, and it looks closer  if its a RAMP position the jetway will not move, instead call for steps. 

V10.8.26 Coming soon!

Saint Micheals Church modelling and textures

140s completed parking lines

160's parking lines and other markings

Sim Update 11
Intl. Airports
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January 06, 2021
Senast uppdaterad
9 day(s) ago — V10.8.26




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  • Uppdaterad till version V10.8.26

  • Uppdaterad till version V10.8.25

  • Uppdaterad till version V10.8.24

  • Uppdaterad till version V10.8.23

  • Uppdaterad till version V10.8.22

  • Uppdaterad till version V10.8.21

  • Initial File Release

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© mkvy - All rights reserved. Det är förbjudet att ladda upp eller distribuera denna fil på nytt utan upphovsmannens skriftliga medgivande. Denna Flight Simulator 2020 Mod skapades av mkvy and shared in Scenery Enhancements » Intl. Airports för Microsoft Flight Simulator.

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Fantastic work MKVY. For some reason my ILS is not working here. Is it just me or have others lost their ILS?

FPS is okey without traffic. But with traffic cpu is struggling. For performance concerns reduce traffic at this airport.



8 day(s) ago / Tackad av mkvy

Firstly, thank you for your work with this Gatwick airport. I do have a question for you regarding AI traffic. Is there a way for you to prevent AI traffic using 08L/26R? The AI flow gets very confused when both the main runway and the emergency runway are used.

Now that my new GPU has 16gb of VRAM I will give this another shot. Nearly every payware 3rd party airport on my 8gb gpu was almost unplayable!

Since SU11, traffic seems to get stuck on 08R (even after closing FSLTL, werid!) This is causing a huge FPS hit. I think other people with the fps problem also have this (but might not have spotted the piled up traffic).

Amazing scenery otherwise, thank you very much!

Huge props to the dev. for this amazing scenery, but - as others have said - the latest Asobo update has made this unusable for me ATM. 4-10fps on the ground - jumps to 35-45 the moment I'm at about 500ft.

Thankyou ABitEncrypted for your kind donation


mkvy, This is literally payware level scenery. why are you not selling this??!! you could easily make money off this airport! I really hope to see you do more airports in the future 😊

Hi, after last update very high fps drops (i have 3080ti) but fps sometimes attacks 20 fps...

Hi, when I extract the gatwick folder to my community folder it is missing layout.json & manifest.json, so when I launch MSFS, gatwick sits in content manager as not installed and the addon does not work.



14 day(s) ago / Tackad av mkvy

This continues to be my favorite freeware airport in this sim. The airport makes you feel like you are actually there in rich detail. This in my top ten favs !

Developers must think that sometimes Asobo/Microsoft change the SDK to generate lots of work for developers, in the hope that they'll give up and give commercial developer's an opportunity to "compete"! 😞

I noticed that my approach framerates have taken a massive dive after SU11 anyone else notice this? Used since the early days still a brilliant rendition of EGKK but latest SU makes it unviable for me to land here.

Amazing airport - Sadly the FBW A320NX couldn't get the ILS from 26L in two tries and I had to manually drop it down, but other than that insane attention to detail, working Parking Systems and so much more!

There is a problem with se sids and stars. After removing the scenery it worked normally.

I love the look of this airport - good job.

Just to comment on ILS issues - under v10.8.24 ILS for 26L does not work. Even manual tuning to IWW picks up IRR/110.3, which is the ILS for 27R at Heathrow.

With the inibuilds A310 and EGKK as destination, I get a CTD when trying to load the simbrief flightplan to the FMC. Must be the EGKK ILS issue

Just reporting that the runway textures are a bit messed up (tire streaks running crossways) when using the Zinertek airport texture addon, maybe an issue with REX airport textures as well.

Possibly something you may want to look into.

Great scenery, however, I've noticed horrible stuttering when approaching gatwick.

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Förslag, fel och idéer för framtiden.

  • Version V10.8.26 November 30, 2022

    Saint Michaels Church modelling and textures

    140s completed parking lines

    160's parking lines and linked to taxiway system

    Taxiway point fixed runway 26L FR Ai block point

  • Version V10.8.25 November 23, 2022

    Custom ILS removed.
    RemoveallILS unticked in Airport SDK selection
    Default Gatwick ILS now activated
    material library has now, as if by magic, become usable with SU11. So missing apron markings on 140s now showing
    All Parking bays on 140's now connected to taxiway network.
    Hold shorts N,P,Q,R taxiway points now NORMAL, may help Ai to continue

  • Version V10.8.24 October 22, 2022

    P1 and N1 hold shorts connected and fixed for ai

  • Version V10.8.23 October 16, 2022

    Romeo Alpha taxiway reconnected, found broken taxiway path. So Ai should not vanish around stand 161.
    Rebuild to see if ILS functions . Its showing in Littlenavmap. Again, i have no idea what Asobo have done with this sim update or is it the aircraft mod used ?
    Custom material library is no longer working, so cannot create any new markings. This happened with sim update 10. Apron textures like stand numbers made previously are still showing some have vanished on 140s
    A multitude of issues with sim update 10, fingers crossed sim update 11

  • Version V10.8.22 September 30, 2022

    Project Build with SU10 WU11 release

  • Version V10.8.21 August 30, 2022

    Northern runway should show on map view, hopefully Navigraph will now work

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