Gatwick Airport EGKK Ultra Full Edition: Custom Runways/taxiways/aprons/parking/buildings and Models

Kompatibilitet med Sim Update 6 har bekräftats.

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Version V10.7
Första lanseringen January 06, 2021
Senast uppdaterad October 19, 2021
Filstorlek 1.38 GB
Downloads 106,926
GPS Koordinater 51.149520, -0.186978
Status Inte nedladdad ännu
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Intl. Airports
#Handcrafted United Kingdom Drag and Drop


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  • Version V10.7 October 19, 2021

    V10.7 -Sim Update 6 Build

    Level of Detail to 87 Bay (~400) containers south of 26L. Details only when in 10% of screen view

    Stand 1,2,3,4,5 custom calibrated stand guidance for A320/737 to stop at marker 3 or 4

    Ashdown House model

    Atlantic House model WIP(complex building)

    700+ Chocks with less render pop and LOD 

    700+ Cones LOD's, anti render pop

    Handmade Trepel W70 Highloaders with LODs

    Animated Highloader 

    Handmade A321/320/319 Pushback bars with LODs

    Animated electric Buggy with 4 Baggage carts

  • Version V10.6 October 10, 2021


    smaller Pier 2 side buildings to jetways remodelled and optimised.

    Pier 2 improved ground markings including numbered stop markers where they exist.

    Powerstation/airconditioning station near railway station with 2 large animated fans + further modelling . Footbridge modelling and textures.

    Stand 25 Stand Guide calibrated very well with a large visible stop warning for A320-787-747 in sequence. Default viewing position required.. but moving L/R/up/Down in seated position is fine.

    Custom Pier 2 Light masts reduced in height slightly and reduced brightness

    180 degree incorrect parking spawn points corrected, my bad

  • Version V10.5 October 06, 2021

    New type of stand entry Guidance system with left of centre , right of centre and stop ..
    stands 1-5, are Airbus A320 stands right now these work nicely but do not stop on the exact stand stop markers yet
    stands 10,11,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,28 Should work ok
    stand 27 for A320/787/747- fits like a glove but needs its own calibration
    stand 25 for A320/787/747- because of distance its hard to see the STOP text - i may change to a colour mode...should be insequence A320 then 787 then 747- a bit easier to see
    stands 13L 13R not setup yet
    stands 13,14,15,17,19,21,23 work good for A320/787/747. With the &$& you may need to translate view up for a good view, as its high up there. These stands need all the markings still
    stands 103,104,105,106,107,112,113,101 are easy, A320 stops, should work ok and are easy. No stop markings on apron

    Pier 1 blast barriers invisible large cubes added to stop popping up rendering effect
    Pier 2 shifted a few metres north, more tweaks

  • Version V10.4 October 03, 2021

    Small fix
    Supersized stand signs corrected stand 10-14, seen by some users
    All pier 2 stand signs optimised and sized more real to life, and illuminate from a far distance
    Pier 2 model max headroom signs changed to a blend texture= huge reduction in mesh
    Double faced flickering interaction inside building near stand 10 corrected

  • Version V10.3 October 01, 2021

    New Gatwick airport Railway station zone, 2 yellow  cranes scaled down

    Fences corrected 26L perimeter road

    More modelling of Pier 1 area

    Pier 1 Baggage sortation area WIP

    Concorde House area

    Custom Electric buggies with interior controls + LOD, full details when buggy fills 50% of screen. Low poly human driver

    Baggage Megastack South Bin Park, 89 bays + AKH and AKE ULD's

    Custom Towable steps with LOD level of detail

    South Terminal Air conditioning building WIP

    Stand number signs 10,11,12 Level of Detail test

  • Version V10.2 September 23, 2021

    Complete Pier 1 remodel at correct height and scale with internal gates and walkways + surrounding Buildings near road- Lots done. Lots more to do

    New, smaller blast barriers Pier 1 Victor cul de sac. specially designed not to cause aliasing flickering (hopefully).

    New stop markings stands 1-5
    marker 1 is larger planes around A320 size, 4 is for smaller CRJ types, i think, 5 is for dash 8 puddle jumpers.

    spawning location nom specific stands 1-5. cant have different spawn locations for different aircraft types on the same line.

    200's detailing complete

    Scaling and tweaking Boeing Hangar
    New Gatwick Railway station construction zone works in progress

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1 Kommentarer


3 day(s) ago / Tackad av mkvy

Simply amazing! Very impressive job! Outstanding quality for free! Thank you so much for all your hard work...



4 day(s) ago / Tackad av mkvy

Very pleased with detail and attention to detail you worked on to create Gatwick airport for all us streamers, amazing job and I love it myself



6 day(s) ago / Tackad av mkvy

wow!!!! fantastic job! impressive! better than payware!!.thx a lot!



7 day(s) ago / Tackad av mkvy

I flew out of Gatwick yesterday and was amazed at how much detail I recognised from this addon - it really is true to life. Fantastic project, thank you



7 day(s) ago / Tackad av mkvy

amazing Job, gread

amazing thank



9 day(s) ago / Tackad av mkvy

Hi mkvy

No words, this is absolutely incredible. Thank you very much for your time. I bought you a coffee but you deserve much more.

Crash and CTD with the last update, on approach or when I'm flying around


Just grabbed the latest version, am I the only one not having any jetway?

Absolument magnifique. Merci.

So much better than most paid sceneries. Never get bored of flying in or out of Gatwick. Superb.

The last two iteration's of this wonderful Gatwick Airport scenery has introduced significant stutters and sound drop-outs on my computer which is a Ryzen 5600X and B550 MB. I have noticed also that if this scenery is not installed properly, it causes buildings and vehicles at ORBX Southampton EGHI Airport to sink into the ground. Make sure to always update with a fresh install of this scenery, do not drop a new folder into an old one! I have not had any problems with poor performance before the last two updates.

Hi Great job as usual, I have a slight issue though, not sure if anyone else gets it, In the latest update gates 12 and 14, the planes are spawning the wrong way around (facing out towards runway. cheers exo



15 day(s) ago / Tackad av mkvy

One of the very best airports. Wonderfull. Thanks!!



16 day(s) ago / Tackad av mkvy

Heya there dear community!

Seems like our mr. Ross did a better job in regards to Gatwick than iniBuilds with their the existing payware version (which is also exeptional !).

This is just a premier craftsmanship!

Right ? 😀

Incredible mod. I used to get ctds with last version, i'll see now with this one, thanks for this

Im sorry (or too stupid). What I have to do to use your EGKK airport? (pls describe for idiots (like me)

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