I re-ziped them and re-sumbitted them to flightsim.to, they should work now.

I re-ziped them and re-sumbitted them to flightsim.to, they should work now.

If you are using the FlyBywire A320, before approaching the runway, go to NAVRAD and type the ILS frequency on more time, you'll find that the Course will change to the correct direction

I re-ziped them and re-sumbitted them to flightsim.to, they should work now.

Pink Checker Pattern.......

Has anyone experienced this issue in sim? it appears to happen at a distance or zoomed out..... if so i need to make a comment on the sdk and DCDs pages

Gentlemen, you have a home run on your hands for sure, with 2,000 hrs. plus of helicopter time,

Military background, CFI rating, nothing I've flown in a sim has come closer than

the latest R44. My Thrustmaster Wart hog controllers love it! For God's sake, don't

let anyone mess with the flight model. it's spot on...

will see if i can dig up some reference images and throw one up

Thank you for your answer, i see ! My goal is not to kill my computer so i guess i'll avoid that for now haha.

  • Downloaded Python3 from your link and installed with default settings
  • Unzipped everything from your Mod folder
  • Ran Run.exe as admin
  • Got that s**t only https://ibb.co/xDzMVRg

Nothing works, what should I do next?

Hi and thank you! This is OrbX's LOWI (Innsbruck), my most beloved airport worldwide. Not so much because it's special but because it's in the alps! 😀

Hey Max! Fuel consumption is way off what SimBrief thinks at the moment mate with this latest patch 😞 Ran completely out of fuel (30,000kg) only 1hour into a 3hour flight. Thrust seems to want to stick around 90% to keep me at Mach 0.81 in a tailwind, not too sure what's gone wrong.

ok, the two DEM folder (Part 1 and 2) share the same filename and therefore cannot be placed into the Community folder together! Or have I missed something? And what files must we disable and where to find them? There is No "scenery" folder inside the Community Folder as such - or is the location elsewhere? Sorry but your instructions for disabling are not clear?

If the addons says it spawned 40 planes and there are no errors, then they are in your sim. You don't need to change any sim settings, since the addon will inject it no matter what your settings are

Hola a mi me pasaba exactamente lo mismo. He recorrido toda la web y he realizado todo tipo de ensayos y experimentos. Finalmente he conseguido una app en que aparece el plano de Bing y el plan de vuelo trazado en MSFS2020.

finalmente lo encontré en https://www.fs2000.org/2021/01/05/fs2020-utility-fs2020bmap/ .

El nombre es FS2020 – Utility FS2020BMAP

FS2020 – Utility FS2020BMAP. Version 0.9 is MSFS utility application. This program shows your aircraft position on BingMaps. And more flight plan and AI traffic (planes & ships also is shown).

By Koji Tsubakimoto

600 Kb

Es exactamente igual a MS2020BMAP y el autor es otro. Planos Bing y aquí si que aparece el plan de ruta trazado en MSFS2020.

Que seas feliz.

Hmm that is strange. I wouldn't reccomend using Addonslinker since that might cause issues with detecting the planes that you have installed

You can run it from anywhere, aslong as it can write the log files and read your flightsim addons. So don't put it in program files

Boa tarde, Luis! Desculpe não ter respondido, realmente acabei me esquecendo do seu comentário, sempre respondo a maioria das pessoas que me procuram com alguma dúvida, não poderia me importar menos se são YouTubers, famosos ou qualquer outra coisa. Sobre fazer outras liveries, eu faço sob encomenda, se ainda tiver interesse posso te passar um orçamento para essas 3 matrículas. Fiz recentemente um trabalho de 5 pinturas do C152 para o pessoal do Aeroclube de Bragança Paulista e eles gostaram bastante do resultado!

Sobre as texturas invertidas, acho que vocês também não notou, mas coloquei na descrição o motivo:

"Please don't mind the fact that one of the sides of the aircraft is mirrored. As of today, there's no way to get around this, unfortunately. It has to do with the way Asobo made the UV maps for this aircraft."

Em português, resumindo: devido ao formato do mapa UV criado pela Asobo, é impossível manter os dois lados de algumas regiões da aeronave como texturas independentes, então elas infelizmente sempre serão espelhadas nessas partes. Se um dia isso for corrigido eu com certeza vou ajustar as texturas!

Fico a disposição caso tenha interesse nas pinturas! Um abraço!

Unfortunately, no. ILS29 is still not driven to the beginning of the RWY

The ortho is not better with the DACH update, so I'm still using it. The DEM is not needed, but make sence, because with a more details profil.

If it might be of any help and you didn't notice yet. I suppose it's a problem on Asobo's side: not every gate is working properly, it's a broken feature since a few months. Sometimes it's not possible to connect the jetway and at these gates when you call the bushback via ATC, toolbar pushback kicks in perfectly. On the contrary, when jetways are working and I call the pushback (via ATC), toolbar pushback doesn't start properly and I need to start it from the toolbar. Anyway still a great addon, thanks for your work!

thank you together we make the Dutch scenery a lot more beautiful

Well we have partial success, the key does now work using the mouse wheel to turn the key. However Ben is still being shy and does not want to appear as my co pilot. With my flying I cant say I blame him. Regardless, even if Ben does not want to play the R44 is still uber awesome so thank you for uploading.

Great job on this airport. The only thing is that, according to the charts I have seen (showing current dates), the taxiways do not match up and/or have incorrect signage. Which charts did you use?

What? Sorry, mate, but you are the rude one here. I made some comments and these were questioning and honest and not attacking. Further, I told that I was looking forward to what would be coming and that I would be watching. And, I expected, and as you see have received a nice answer from the designer explaining things to me (which helps me learn). So, please recognize the difference between comments and discussions and rudeness - they are really quite different.

Hmmm... for a while I was underway with the great H145 from HPG. But one of my favorite VFR planes is this performance Icon A5.

Now I tried to fly again with it after a few weeks. When I start dark and cold, the GX avionics is already running, even with Master off. I get a warning for low volts. That is not too surprising, because with Master off, I believe the volts will indeed be low. After the flight I cannot turn it off at all. And i cannot change the CDI source from VOR1 to anything else. Additionally the autopilot does not work anymore. I cannot activate it.

So I guessed, it might have had to do with WU6. Therefore I installed the newest GX3 update from workingtitle github. Using this, my sim did not load into the plane at all. Reverting back to the one that comes with this package, lets me fly, but I cannot start or deactivate the Avionics, not use the Autopilot and not change CDI source.

Am I missing something? Is it a bug? Has anyone any clue?

Blz Rodrigo!

Se eu fosse um youtuber famoso teria ao menos me respondido, né?!

Outra coisa, acho que você não notou, mas o lado esquerdo da aeronave estão com alguns decalques invertidos: No Leme, "INSTRUÇÃO", na ponta da asa "CESSNA 152".

Sorry, i am getting errors with the zip file and cannot extract no matter what I try. I think the file is corrupt?

subarashii! I see helo markings. Also more orange! Cheers!

The mod has great potential but unfortunately the radio panel remains completely dark for me. If you could update the mod it would be awesome!

Re-installing the 777 fixed it. Awesome mod! 😊

Thank you very much! Your german liveries for the 6 are highly appreciated! 😊

Is it safe to work on liveries now or will I just waste time again by remaking all of them to the new version?

bonjour merci pour la reponse , oui tout est activé et toujours ce tremblement de l’arrière ....

Small Error. Your 'main file' contains version 1.1 not 1.2 and does not include update 6 POIs. However the third file labelled 'Little Navmap - MSFS POI database' Sept 24 does contain version 1.2 with POIs for update 6.

Since i'm not using Blender, i would say no. The only way is waiting for someone talented with Blender interested in helping. Despite, i would like to get help on some other things first (like poor textute quality of the terminal/missing details arond parking areas), and then into addictional stuff like custom jetways.

As a work around, I have found you can get the water rudders to be reasonably effective if you reduce wind to zero. Also Toolbar push back is an excellent way of manoeuvring the float plane near the docks or beach where you can get a close approximation of using a paddle

Hola oskillar31,

pues esta tarde iba a revisar el ILS.

Si, faltan muchos procedimientos, hay tantos que solo escogí algunos, ahora tengo un dilema, por lo visto Navigraph corrige todas las aproximaciones y salidas sin que haya que hacerlas, no se todavía qué haré, si seguir creándolas o borrarlas todas.

La 3.0 es la versión en la web, en el proyecto no me acordé de subirla y se quedaría la última que era la 2.4.3, para la siguiente subida a ver si me acuerdo y lo subo también.