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En kort översikt över vad som händer i vårt samhälle.

for some reason this Airport causes the PMDG DC6 to CTD. Took me ages to narrow it down to this

Sorry about that. As said - MSFS2020 is a huger beast, generally :/

I am in the works of making an 8K version and will add this one to it.

Colocar a matrícula PP-VSF é uma piada de mal gosto com Varig, empresa séria que gerou milhares de empregos. Além de mal pintada a Cia aérea nunca operou avião com esta matrícula.

glad to hear that, and how are the jetways coming along, not to rush you or anything

Doesn't work unless i do landing challenges and i don't know why

Na verdade tem bastante coisas diferentes que dá pra notar que foi feita e não copiada. Primeiro é a inncrição do avião na parte de trás que é diferente, na do GN tem uma na frente que nessa não tem. E principalmente o tamanho do "VARIG" que um está diferente do outro! Você não pode reclamar dele ter feito uma pintura semelhante já que o GN não tem direito a exclusividade de nenhuma companhia aérea! Ele reclamar que fizeram uma pintura grátis parecida com a que ele vende é só birra pois qualquer um faz a pintura que quiser!

Really nice plane for bush trips thank you

I could probably throw a bunch of tubes together with a bricky/ stonish ish look. Not sure I could take it much further than that. It really needs someone with a bit more of a clue.


Do we need to Download into the PMDG Ops Centre ?

Do you mean the black reference lines on either wing, and the arrows?

To start engines, first you must set BATT to on and APU to start / on position. Then you must select the eng ctrl option from the engines page in the MFD and then select eng 1 ctrl and turn on/open the three options (fuel valve, ignition, and starter). Then do the same for the eng 2 ctrl. Then set the generator switches to on / connect position. This is described in the user manual, but you are saying this was not included in the download zip file archive. We will look into your report of missing documentation.

theoretically it is fixable but I would have to find a base of all airports to create exclusion zones then the game will be around the airport DEM from the game

Has everyone on this site forgotten that the B77W has emergency exit markings on the wings???

Man I wish these files were not so huge. It says here 156MB but it's unzipping at over a GB.

I think your sceneries are causing CTDs. Kelowna is for me.

Thanks a lot. I did my real-world flight training here in college. I can't believe a class D airport was not included in this sim.

hi so i was using this app for ever but just yesterday the app lauched but it did not show up on my screen i tryed pressing page up but nothing and i re dowloaded it many time so some one pls help

A pintura é LITERALMENTE uma copia do modelo de textura da GN Hangar Liveries. Que pobreza. Canal ruim e ainda mete esses plágios na cara dura

Vielen Dank für die AFE unterstützte Checkliste.

Hast es die erwähnte Variante ohne den AFE (für Enthusiasten) auch schon irgendwo bereit gestellt? Das würde mich brennend interessieren.

I'd be glad to. Just let me know, if you have any certain wishes.

It's a bug within an underlying software dependency and they didn't fix it yet :/

Fantastic livery! Excellent paint work~~

Btw, could you also make the new normal colour and the new spirit of HK, already mentioned by another one, of Cathay? Thank you so much~~

Awesome and I very much appreciate the correct registrations showing in the title and screenshots.

To version 0.4.1. I will be returning the folder structure to how it was before.

Sorry for that.

Yeah im gonna revert this change next update

I will definitelyeffinetly forget to update this next time lol

Yeah sorry. i will revert this soon

Hello todorokipm, this aircraft carrier is located in gibraltar, right in the bay of Algeciras, I hope you enjoy it, we continue working on it

I don't know how things are since I retired, but back in the day when Nimrods were at St. Mawgan there was a button on the yoke that appears to be missing from my Honeycomb Alpha yoke 😉 Perhaps I just need to re-map the autopilot engage button 😊


I don't have much experience with fighter jets both in sim and IRL but this is the best I have tried so far. Was able to maintain 65000 ft at 1.8 mach pretty comfortably and thanks to the fly-by-wire, it fly pretty stable while still being quite maneuverable. The fuselage texture looks a bit flat though and shame it is not open source.

Is this DEM25 m mod compatible with Asobo world update V (Scandinavia)? Is is still useful? I expirienced heavy stuttering when appoaching Longyear airport. Also freeware airports are no longer requiered for Longyear since it is now covered by Asobo, I guess.