I have really enjoyed your previous builds but found this one just a little underwhelming, maybe because your previous work was top notch. I had issues with pink smoke coming out (maybe conflicting with other aircraft systems?) and did not enjoy the new throttle system. I know you were trying something new but I am not a fan. The look behind view was also cool but really frustrating when I just want to be able to look right. I guess these are small things and not to everyone's tastes. I did make a review video on it on my YouTube also here if you want to have a look. https://youtu.be/9JZPpvgGZjk

What about all the content in the OFFICIAL folder? There are lots of modelLib.bgl files in there as well, even in the Asobo content. Won't they also cause CTDs?

Thanks. I only put the ROCAF aircrafts permanently here. For other creations, I only put in the website for one day or one week to prevent other livery maker's bad competition.

Gorgeous... I don't suppose they had any amphibious liveries, did they?

A lot of fun! Keeps getting better. Thank you

Looks absolutely amazing! Can't wait to try it out. Just curious, are the snow vehicles (plow and deicing) default or custom? I've been trying to find default models since I've used them in my FSX/P3D sceneries but can't seem to find them in MSFS

entire rework of the project has released! 😊

Fixing the throttle issue and sooo sooo much more.

Great Work for the most part. Saw pink carts by the gate, can see them in the dark and day. Thank you

That did the trick thank you! And the texture looks excellent!

Yay!! Many thanks for this (and others)!!

Hey, I found something on the Microsoft support page about this.... can I send you something in email that we could take offline? This sounds like a workable solution, but it appears to stem from some legacy SDK from FSX. They give an example of an include file that might just be the ticket, but I don't know how to use it. The instructions are assuming I already know the language. The workaround is here:


I put this folder in the community folder but the plane dont in the game

Simple but effective, these landmarks are a great addition! I was pleasantly surprised that not only do the buildings have night lighting, but it is quite effective.

My only complaint is that this isn't fully compatible with the freeware airport for Haifa, with a number objects being duplicated (cooling towers, oil tanks, etc.).


Do you have static aircraft there. I was directed to a parking spot that had a plane in my spot. If you do, is there away to remove the statics. I prefer AI planes. I see a lot of developers adding a lot of statics, but I think a lot of people prefer not to. They take up space. Thanks

John K

Beautiful livery. But I don't see a picture of the plane in the livery menu.

excellent good sir , worked like a champ !

Thanks to your sharp eye, I pushed a fix for the compass animation and for the wheels, I was a couple of frames off. I also spotted the gear animation being broken. There's a hotfix zip file with just the models in the downloads.

thank you for your freedback, much appreciated ! Yep that little bug can be a bit annoying if the decimal separator is not set with the dot (.), i should probably post that little already available fix soon as official version.

Hey there, thanks for the comment. Make sure you have installed the livery propperly. When unziping the folder, go to the folder inside the new folder generated and copy it to your community folder. Remove the old installation if it's still there. If the problem persists let me know and I'll come with another solution for you.

Yeah will be. Just looking for a suitable one.!

Thanks mate. Appriciate that...

Merci pour l'info j'ai modifier. merci de votre soutien

IThank you! This is an A+++++ airplane. Better than any payware! They really should hire you! I am following you Captain! 😊 There is hope in MFS2020 wink wink 😊

Given that this is political satire with a very short life tome, I'd have thought that some of those red X'es above would have been converted into green ticks. It'd possibly fet better circulation that way!

Oh dear. A potential whole new genre of liveries. Political messages on plane liveries!

What a potential can of worms!

Thank you for this great project but I will be waiting for future updates before flying again. Most glaring issues for me is the out of date A32NX integration - updating this will make a big difference and squash many bugs ported over from that. The ground handling also seems off to my untrained eye - possibly too much idle thrust and wide turn radius. As others have said the performance figures are not precise, and it is impossible to enter high fuel loads in the INIT page (as it was designed for A32N), however for a freeware I would be inclined to overlook issues such as those to some degree. I did see a video with a pilot mentioning the A339 burns around 5200kg/h in cruise, if that is of any help. I was seeing figures around 5500kg/h, so not too far off anyhow.

It's so frustrating that you even felt the need to do this; the lighting is yet another area where the kodiak shows how it should be done while the twotter shows how to totally fuck up something that everyone rightly took for granted in the first place. Like if you're taking the time to make the landing lights in the first place you'd think you'd spend 2 damn seconds setting them to not be so uselessly dim... and yet if you posted about it on their forum I'm sure that just like with every other issue the project manager either ignored you completely or came in to condescendingly dissemble about how "real pilot feedback" assures them that they're perfectly realistic and not obviously cartoonishly shit

I reached out to AS and asked about license transfers. 😊 I'll see how/if that works. But I also have been reading on the AS forums that even the updated one from there is having issues (like opposite sense ailerons, and still sound problems. . .) and that this fix may require some knowledge of tweaking the sound.xml and layout.json yourself. Not impossible, and definitely not something zaki87 shouldn't have to constantly update.

Thanks for doing this! FYI, there's a tree growing right behind Gate 5A

Mange takk. Det gjorde seg i bybildet. ❤️

A nice pack but I can't get reg numbers onto the plane, either by changing the .cfg or the customization in the start page. I can get the atc-id on the radio tho.

Omg another one?! I'm sorry but somebody literally made one a few days ago. Now there's 2 on this website 😂

Looked amazing and was happy with it but then I looked at the other side and saw it was mirrored, day ruined.

Ano velmi dekuji za odpoved 😉 Je to Plzen Letkov. Musel jsem bohuzel odstranit cele letistem kvuli konfliktu scenerie.