what, so thousands of users disagree to the fact that the exact same updated information is found in one place called youtube?

I have and as usual your Brown Field is on the professional level!

Super, dzięki, bywałem tam w latach 90 jak byłem brzdącem, mam nawet zdjęcie przy PZL-Wilga [niedługo dostępna w MSFS] i przy Antonovie An-2 [też niebawem do pobrania], leciałem także białym Mi-2 dookoła masztu na Ślęży 😊

Did all that you suggested but the rolling runway and the steep inclines remain. I will work on it on Monday again.

Thanks for helping.

Hi Dave,

Sorry, unfortunately I've only just started Shobdon and I have yet to create any buildings (this is version 0.1). I uploaded early as I thought people might appreciated the fact that the beacon tower has gone. Also, personally, I'd rather have no buildings than incorrect auto-gen ones. Meg's The Hotspur Cafe building is currently being worked on in Blender. Watch this space.

Best regards,


awesome!!! glad to hear from a HK local. Have fun bro. I have a few more areas to add in the coming update. Tuen Mun and Tai Po area..

Oki, dziękuje za odpowiedź 😊

Stole your work? haha! Most of the art you see on the Groom Lake site has been up for 4-5 years. Long before MSFS 2020 even existed, long before you ever picked up a digital paint brush. All of MY work is 100% original. I won't do a livery unless i can get all the details that I need. I take photos of real aircraft, and then use those as a template ion Photoshop. I use the same process for historically significant aircraft, only I have to use as many reference photos as My research uncovers. There are 4-5 of us artists at GroomLake.

Thanks MrTommy for your continued outstanding work to this exquisite mod.

Hi there,

thanks for this mod, somehow avionics are not working under SU10 😞

Brgds Ben

Hello ! Super! tres realiste! tu es du coin? je m y suis deja posé en irl avec mon biplan!

Je rêve ou c'est cet ensemble d'hélipads qui a implanté une animation d'atterrissage de H145 de la gendarmerie sur LFPI ? 😊

Can confirm this works with SU10 and ORBX mesh. You must delete the two files relating to this airport from the orbx mesh (default and airport files). Great place! I usually cheat and make the weather summer time so I can land here in anything I want. Not sure where the author is but I hope they come back, update some scenery and keep making more.

Check the required library asset Emerald object library. Trying to figure out why they don't let me list the dependencies as I upload. But that is probably the missing texture.

Hum... I have no idea why it wouldn't work.

Did you rename the mod or anything? I have never got this bug where the orbiter doesn't show.

Would like to confirm that this airport is still amazing (all of SDR scenery is) and it still works very well with Sim Update 10.

Thank you both Antonio and Steve. I was searching for the type of info you guys found for me awesome info to know. Yes, I agree the hangers aren't good, give me a couple of days still trying to sort through asset libraries I like. Expect an update to most of my airports down the road as I get better at making airports for this sim. Thanks

Hi there, regret to say that none of the buildings at Shobdon appear. Unzipped and loaded twice but still lots of vehicles but no hangars, etc.

Your excellent Sleap works just fine.


Why so many updates? It was working beautifully 30 versions ago.

from a Hong Kong simmer: this is super nice! Thanks very much!

Thank you! But the colors at sunrays in reality are still brighter. And paint the front part of the left engine, please. It's already painted. https://www.planespotters.net/photo/1317675/ra-73252-nordstar-airlines-boeing-737-8aswl

Waiting for RA-73253 (ex VQ-BAA) 😊

Nicely done, thank you sir...

merci pour cette jolie réalisation. à force de passer devant, je me disais qu'il manquait quelque chose sur msfs....

Getting some floating taxiway signs and elevation problems since SU10.

U mnie również nie działa ILS do pasa 26L. Dzisiaj instalowałem. Latam PMDG 737-800 z malowaniem RYR

Thanks a lot for your review and comment. I saw cabins with blue and grey back part. However it is not a problem to update. I will check again. Thanks

In theory, there can be centerline lighting (green) only if there is edge lighting (blue), and at such a small airport, I doubt there would be more than edge only, though I could be wrong…

Livery is great, but there is 1 remark. The backs of the chairs where the table is located are actually gray, not blue

Ливрея отличная, но есть 1 замечание. Спинки кресел, где расположены столики - в реальности серые, а не синие

e non lo trova NEMMENO TRA GLI AEREI

thank you! I though i just thought I can simply edit code and done. looks like its not that simple

The latest version is totally brilliant! Thank You !! 😊

More black and white chequered areas plus MSFS demands an aircraft with floats!


my fuel is %3 ı dont repair fuel

hab mal ein bisschen rum geschaut. anscheinend hat AS nicht die akteullste version von Gaya bekommen. zumindest steht bei AS v1.0 und auf Orbx v1.1 könnte sein das da das problem liegt. Ich würde mal bim AS support nachfragen ob die da was regeln können

Navigraph is most likely correct or if you have chartfox.. google earth might be outdated, i remember when making the scenery that there were some differences between the most recent gate numbers there and the satellite pics

Thanks for you're Mod


G1000 turn off after 1 minute or about