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En kort översikt över vad som händer i vårt samhälle.

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Infinte Stars/5 for being my favorite United Livery of all time.

Could you just make it all in one downloadable folder

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I understand the layout of the painting, but it is disproportionate to the real life painting. Texts are large and disproportionate, as well as the colors appear to be dark compared to the originals!

It is worth a review with affection in the details.

Hey there! I think I know by now after you commenting on a fair few of my liveries. I think I got the gist after you said it the first time 😁

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Hi Nick

Looks like you, me and Groovy had the same idea! I asked Groovy yesterday to let me know what projects he is doing in future so we don't double up. He has kindly advised me so I won't build any of his upcoming builds. Be grateful if you could do the same so I don't build your projects.



Hi there Bradley, if you are so disappointed then feel free to make your own livery 😁

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Valeu amigo, sou INVA no Aeroclube de Blumenau e está mt legal seu trabalho. Tens planos para SSBL ?

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Mountainair Camarillo KCMA
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Hi. Not quite sure what you mean. First time in 30,000 downloads I've been asked this. I guess the solution is to simply delete my scenery and stick with your pay-ware stuff.


Does this work on the 737-600?

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Download the.txt file and just copy and paste the links into the browser of their choice.

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Parabéns pelo lançamento, ficou show. Única coisa é esta terra vermelha demais ao redor das pistas, olhando as imagens do google maps 2023 o aeroporto não é tão vermelho, já tem muita vegetação que cobriu este vermelhão de obras. Se desse para deixar tudo mais verdinho seria show.

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OMG OMG yes yes if you could expand Västerås Radius by 20km in diameter, Du är en Legend 😊

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Hey sorry for the late message, I didn't see it. Here is the -900 link. I don't really know how to make liveries, I paid someone to make the -700 and I just converted it to the -800 and -900.


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you are absolutely right there is nothing to add and you are welcome at my place

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Are you sure about that?

merci merci je vais faire un pln avec

Instalei todas as partes do San Pablo, mas infelizmente o simulador não termina de iniciar, trava, não consegue carregar o cenário. Pena

hello, I could do something but I have to buy the plane


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Just seen it on the TV, it is indeed G-GBNI

Are you able to do the new carenado piper archer pa-28. Lights look good but don't shine on objects realisticly

Very good. Thank you so much.

amazing thank you!

Отличная ливрея. Спасибо

Humor me by reactivating the toolbar mod, BUT, restart your computer before starting a flight. Let us know the results.

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you make my dick hard


It be nice if someone could do Kearney Ne KEAR airport could maybe get pictures if that would help?

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FYI, this livery is stolen from my X-Plane 767 CargoJet livery here: https://forum.thresholdx.net/files/file/111-flightfactor-767-cargojet-fleet/

2 hour(s) ago

Why have you stolen my art from my freeware CargoJet X-Plane 11 livery? You have blatantly ripped off my work down to my custom grime on the tail and hand-painted CargoJet tail logo.

Image with your tail file overlaid on my Photoshop source file:


And again with your opacity turned down for better clarity:


Had you have asked me to use my work, I would have definitely allowed you to.


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This thing no longer works. One minute its flyable, although its about as sensitive to control inputs as a dreamlifter... but the next minute it won't respond to controls at all. Too bad. Reasonably decent model.

Heya. I haven't got around to testing this with the AAU1 full release yet (only beta) but should have done by the weekend and will release an update if necessary.

In the meantime, check you're running the AAO in-game panel in the simulator alongside AAO, this is required for B-vars to function. Details of this can be found on Lorby's release notes.

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how do you install them

I fly in/out of KLGB in real life, and Rwy 26L does not have a displaced threshold. It has a three-chevron blast pad/stopway. 26L, as shown in the screenshot, displays a non-existent and enormous displaced threshold.

MiljuDelem Jumpseat Radio
2 hour(s) ago

all radios are offline?

Saturday_Born Airbus A330-900neo
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I mostly fly boeings, so yh, i'll keep your suggestion in mind @encoded .

Not necessarily meaning ofc that i will follow it.

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Stick to the shitty asobo models then

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Awesome work. Thanks, that you spent you time on this and share it with all of us. It will be great fun!

Beautiful plane, one of the best, I have problems with the landing gear, the sound is stuck, there is a loop and it does not turn off.

It looks great! Thank you!

perfect lol its working now. i know not to spawn on the runway though lol 😊 happy happy