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Version 1.0.8
Första lanseringen June 16, 2021
Senast uppdaterad November 22, 2021
Filstorlek 353.87 MB
Downloads 80,781
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Military Aircraft
#Real-Life Exclusive Drag and Drop


17,510 | X Chief Captain

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  • Version 1.0.8 November 22, 2021

    Restores HUD Functionality
    Incorporates afterburning fuel consumption capability.

  • Version October 29, 2021

    Fixed right rudder control problem for Xbox type controllers
    Corrected Spanish language localization file

  • Version 1.0.7 October 27, 2021

    Improved roll response and crispness (incorporating improvements from SU6)
    Roll rate increased to 220 dps
    Adjusted G-limits to Air Force specs (+9 / -3)
    Custom highly accurate Calibrated Airspeed Calculations (Asobo supersonic airspeed calculations inaccurate after SU5)
    Reintroduced correct maximum speed limit (800 knots KCAS) and aural alerting.
    Auto throttle / auto pilot system speed calculations are now computed in FBW module instead of the sim
    Custom auto-throttle built into FBW
    Blurry scenery through canopy fixed
    Slightly darkened Canopy Tint, improves HUD visibility in bright conditions
    Shadows now rendered correctly inside the cockpit
    Streamlined FBW code
    Localization files translated (community feedback appreciated - translated using online translation software - not native speaker translated)

  • Version August 01, 2021

    Raising the roughness(to reduce reflections) for the interior glass too high caused it to blur the environment with the 1.0.5 update. Lowered it back as little as we could to prevent blurring.

  • Version 1.0.5 August 01, 2021

    Fixed Bug in PMFD Airspeed that sometimes displayed "XXX" when first starting a flight.

    Changed the default screen brightness of the MFD's to higher values.

    Lowered reflections on the interior glass of the canopy.

  • Version 1.0.4 July 31, 2021

    Bug fixes for SU5 compatibility.
    Re-added ICAO Designators.

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606 Kommentarer


12 day(s) ago

did this update add afterburners because if it did they don't work for me

Is there a way to add custom paint this this great mod?

bro can you reduce view size in External view? because it's too big



6 day(s) ago / Tackad av topmachstudios

Love this f-22! Would be awesome if it had the sonic booms and afterburners like the f/a-18 has. Other than that this is one of my favourite planes to fly!

When I use this the game just freezes on splash screen half way through loading, same on my laptop too. I have extracted the file from the zip and placed it just as with any previous release.



7 day(s) ago / Tackad av topmachstudios

I'm experiencing a strange new issue.

Whenever the F-22 is on autopilot in GPS NAV mode, after a few minutes of flight, it begins rolling slowly from side to side as though it's correcting it's course. Gradually the rolling increases to 45 degrees and beyond, even leading to the flight ending because of overstressing the aircraft. However, if I leave it on autopilot but switch to HDG mode, it works fine.

The problem only seems to be in autopilot GPS NAV mode, and it has only started recently after SU7. All my assists are on the custom and hard settings as they were before SU7, and with auto-rudder assist off.



7 day(s) ago / Tackad av topmachstudios

Hello I love the F22 you have created. Can I ask permission to stream or make videos flying with this pane from you? There are a few specified rules when downloading so not sure If I could do it or not. I would love to show this plane on my YT videos. Thank You



7 day(s) ago / Tackad av topmachstudios

absolutely love this Jet,

wayyy better than anything I've paid ACTUAL money for

I wouldn't even be mad if you guys asked for some money to make this jet 100%

the amount of attention and work is amazing and the fact that its free, top work guys



7 day(s) ago / Tackad av topmachstudios

awesome work, one thing.... one really nice thing.... working afterburner would be sick. all in all awesome mod sofar



9 day(s) ago / Tackad av topmachstudios

bro why is the camera view so big at External view? is there going to fix it?



9 day(s) ago / Tackad av topmachstudios

Weird issue here - never happened with previous versions of this F-22. When rolling the aircraft and then trying to level off, the aircraft keeps wanting to slightly roll back to the left or right depending on which direction I'm rolling from. I turned off all of the AI assist options, but it still does this. Any ideas?

Edit: Was able to fix...the new update turned on many AI assist options by default. Simply turning them OFF didn't actually turn them off, so I thought restarting the game would help. But...Flight Simulator loves to actually crash when I exit the game, so my options weren't sticking on restart. I had to restart the game multiple times to ensure the settings stuck. Problem solved....what an annoyance.

Amazing work and I love the vectored exhaust animation! Absolutely beautiful!

Thanks for the update to make it compatible with SU7!

Can you please check the HUD in VR? Not sure what it looks like for everyone else, but for me it seems to be projected a few hundred feet in front of the airplane. Also, not sure if I'm the only one, but I always find myself outside the cockpit at start up (1.25 ft from center line).



11 day(s) ago / Tackad av topmachstudios

Awesome job with this beauty. A flying dream. Thank you so much!!

can't wait for the afterburners...

well, our friends from Touching Cloud tried their best with their modifications to the F \ A 18 hornet ....

Now it's time for you because the F-22 is made perfectly ... We are waiting for your move ...

did this update add afterburners because if it did they don't work for me



12 day(s) ago / Tackad av topmachstudios


I love this plane! Better sound than Microsoft F-18E. Glad I could throw a couple $. I would love to see an F-16.

Are your plane lights normal? My external wing and vertical tail lights can't be turned on

Very hard to read the text in the description on this page, as im using "Dark" and having dark text colour as well is not a grand idea?



13 day(s) ago / Tackad av topmachstudios

merci de nous avoir si vite rendu le HUB et bravo pour votre travail

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