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Flightplanning with Weatherinformation, Traffic Board, real live Traffic and Real Traffic Information. You can to calculate your flighttime, your arrival time and your flightdistance within one click. You get, if you own fbw airbus or fenix, a display to manage your flight within one app....

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May 02, 2023
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1 day(s) ago — 1.2.1


With this app you are able to follow your current flight and get different infomations about icing, altitude, flighttime, speed, wind, weather, clouds, rains....
 I programmed in node js and python with a lot of insperations from github and stackoverflow Q&A, pyflightdata etc ..... 
I know, its another moving map, but I decided to include real time airtraffic  from the non commercial api from flightradar24, you can fiind on github ( links see below )

Supported simulator: Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (MSFS)

Features include:

- KML Flightplan import
- Connections to fbw mcdu
- if you own fenix:
Connections to fenix tablet
Connections to fenix mcdu ( you find here:
- if you own PACX
Connections to IFE
- Real-Traffic updating Arrival and Departure Board for worldwide airports
- Metar Information Board with IFR, MVIFR etc Information ( see link below )
- Simbrief Data from your latest planning
- Wind and weather Informations barbs from the free openweathermap API ( see config.json at folder:(templates). open it with text editor and set the free api key also from opensky-network.


Installation Instructions

1. unzip the app folder everywhere on your system

2. start your Simulator

3. load any flight

4. create a flightplan with . KML- ending for ex from

5. start server.exe when on airport

6. open your browser on: http://localhost:5000

8. to use windbarbs and wind information go to : : ( free use) 

and set the keys with texteditor in /templates/config.json 

9. to get Simbrief Information, open config.txt and add your username.

 Probably you need to whitelist the app in your antivirus and open, no installation is required.


My App is under current development

Aircraft color descriptions:on map:

Red: cruising

Blue: on decent

grey: on climb

Please let me know, if you have any questions and friendly critics:
Thank you 

Inspirations for code programming and learning, a lot of thanks to:


Be patient, sometimes  opensky or flightradar server are overloaded, so sit back and relax the flight.


A python variant of Departure and Arrival Board and Metar information you will find on my other apps here on



App for the  InGame-Panel 

Traffic-Board similar like from old fsx :-)... ( Status: in developement ) see picture at the gallery. Its very hard work to import aiirline pics with code and find non commercial free apis from airports like in my example from Zurich Switzerland.



known bugs:

flightradar airtraffic sometimes disappear

Traffic Board: issue with some airport json data, when pressed, no information, because of wrong json data

different localtime / departure time ( timezones) Im working on it to solve.

issues with node modules ( library for exe )









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  • Uppdaterad till version 1.2.0

  • Uppdaterad till version 1.1.0

  • Uppdaterad till version 1.0.7

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Tackad av turmspringer123

Thank you so much for the ongoing effort you're putting in this work !

  • Version 1.2.1 June 05, 2023

    - solved an error to use simbrief data ( caused through node js- pkg )
    - solved an error to calculate arrival time

  • Version 1.2.0 June 05, 2023

    -removed opensky api ( too unstable)
    - added simbrief data to get latest information
    - added new traffic-board layout
    - added file "HOW TO"

  • Version 1.1.0 May 25, 2023

    - added a complete Departure and Arrival Board for worldwide airports as a new feature on the main map
    Both are automatic updating regularly, so you can find your flight on map and see, what origin or destination have this flight.

    planned: connection to sim to see your flight on the boards.

  • Version 1.0.7 May 24, 2023

    - add new feature : Flightboard, now you can call your Arrival Airport Board with Remarks blinking buttons.

    - arrival board updated ervery 10 seconds

    Departure Board is in developement.

    known bugs:
    data loading from server needs a bit patient :-)
    aircraft movment on map sometimes stuttering or to slow

  • Version May 19, 2023

    -deleted additional apps ( departure, metar...) you can find it on a seperate link here on

    happy flying

  • Version May 17, 2023

    -issue node modules, it causes sometimes because of file structure after uploading. So node-modules are in 2 folders now.
    (node modules are needed as library for exe files and javascript programs)

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