Native Airbus A330-900neo

Kompatibilitet med Sim Update 6 har bekräftats.

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Version 0.92
Första lanseringen July 23, 2021
Senast uppdaterad October 18, 2021
Filstorlek 760.56 MB
Downloads 44,374
Status Inte nedladdad ännu
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Airline Aviation
#Airliner #Megapack #Real-Life Exclusive Drag and Drop


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  • Version 0.92 October 18, 2021

    - Added : 4 new portholes views
    - Fixed : HIFLY rear texture
    - Fixed : Landing light message on ECAM

    Remove the 0.91 from your Community and ad into your Community the 0.92


  • Version 0.91 October 17, 2021

    -> This is mainly fixes update :

    - Fixed aileron animations
    - Fixed GPWS callout
    - Fixed red button on sidesticks
    - Fixed porthole views
    - Fixed pilot camera position
    - Fixed fuel data on ECAM
    - Fixed trusth scale
    - Fixed wingflex scale (but maybe too much now ?)
    - Fixed bug and water effect on cockpit glass
    - Fixed C gear light
    - Fixed landing light message on ECAM
    - Fixed CG position
    - Added EFB
    - Removed the copilot inside the cockpit

  • Version 0.9 September 30, 2021

    - Brand new exterior 3D model.
    - Brand new 3D model animations (Wings, Gears, Flaps, ..)
    - Brand new MSFS effects (Engine heat, Contrails, Lights, Rain, Dust, ..)
    - New Flight Dynamics.
    - New 4K textures with PBR.
    - Complete integration of the FBW A32NX Virtual Cockpit (version 0.6.2)
    - Added A330 specific features to the VC.
    - Complete integration of services and systems, according to MSFS SDK Guidelines.

    Please read the mod page for more informations

  • Version 2.0 July 25, 2021


    - Fuel capacity raised to 36,000 Lbs.
    - Removed N1/N2 Engine Protection.
    - Increased main wing thickness.
    - Fixed maximum cruising altitude.

  • Lanserad July 23, 2021

    Den första versionen av denna fil har just lanserats. Välkommen ombord!

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1 Kommentarer

None of the flight displays work, nor interior lights.

Thank you so much for this free ware. I have been using it for a month now and its freaking awesome!

When you first look at the plane, it's a great aircraft. However, as you dig deeper you find problems like buttons that don't make a sound, wipers that don't work, missing texture on the wings when you're looking from the cockpit, and more. Reading these reviews, I'm seeing a lot of problems that I haven't had, so I'd only fly with this plane if you're ready for glitches. Since it still is a WIP and freeware, I've still given it 4.5 star review

For those having trouble since SU6. I downloaded the new development build of the A320NX and so far everything seems to work. I am flying from FIMP to FMMI and will update once I am sure that the ILS is functional. I had to fly the approach by hand and ILS did not appear to work. Descent to 7,000 altitude would not hold, course would not hold, and ILS appeared to not exist. It appears there are some problems since SU6.

After SU6 the background lights for the overhead panel, autopilot panel, pedestal panel, main panel floodlights and background, and the pedestal floodlights all don't work after about 5-10 minutes from first loading in. This has happened both flights I have done with this plane after SU6. They don't fix throughout the flight and I have tried turning them off and back on again and I have gone to exterior mode, then back interior and it still won't fix. It is fine for day flying but at night it is a pain since I have to turn on the dome lights which make it less realistic. This has only been a problem since SU6 btw. They only seem to work for names as the autopilot panel lights up the FD letters, LS letters and so on. The pedestal lights light up the communication knobs but that is it.

Thank you so much for adding the window views!

But am noticed a few issues with them. In window views the sounds are not changing to cabin sounds and instead you hear them as loud as in outside views. What I also noticed that is that audio sometimes is too loud in one channel and because of that it is very hard when you are using headphones because you hear very loud engine sounds in one ear and almost no sounds in the other ear.

P.S. I am no longer seeing the co-pilot.

I have an issue to do with the textures on the plane, most of them are incomplete on the windows, cockpit wings and other areas, im pretty sure its just me that has this problem because it works fine for other people, anyone know hat i can do to fix it?

i had an issue where the engines shut down about 2-3 hours inflight, i wasnt able to restart them unfortunately

I have an issue where there is a second grey cockpit overlayed over the actual one. I have a tried a complete reinstall, and yes i have tried removing the pushback mod and nothing changed. The cockpit does go away once i go to the outside view and back to the cockpit but then reappears after some time.

Anybody else have fuel burn issues? I'm on a transatlantic flight at the moment. I should've burned 28t of fuel at this current waypoint but I've burned less than 20t...

Other than that, brilliant work. I love this.

On a flight from SBGR to LEMD this night (more than 9 hours), everything worked well until I was on short final on32L at LEMD, it was around 6AM thus dark, but fortunately VFR, suddenly my cockpit became totally dark, no instrument, no light, engine power and controls were still active and I could land. When on the ground, I realised I had a "double cockpit" mine which was working fine and another that was blinding the other - which was totally dark. That second dark cockpit disappeared after I went in outside view and came back in. That is not the first occurence, this happened also with the FBW A320 in Gatwick when on the ground (before SU6), so I am not all certain this is related to your excellent work.

Great Mod, i very much enjoy it. Is it possible that the windscreen wipers work for the next update? Had to land in bad weather earlier and couldnt see anything

Who ever validated this for SU6..It is not!! I'm getting what seems to be a double cockpit panel, blanked out..I've uploaded an image in the gallery for you to see..This is broken at the moment,sadly..

Great freeware. Just not good for night flying as the fms keyboard has no lights

Hello! Has any one experienced the textures issue?? Its all glitchy for some reason.

can you please fix it? i will put it in the users gallary

So still having BIG issues with file names being too long once extracted! Ive tried WinsZip, WinRaR and 7Zip all of which have the same issue. I cant even locate the files that have names "Too Long" to adjust them!

Does anybody else have any other ideas as I really love this addon since day 1 and now I cant fly it as all the displays are missing from the FD thanks to these file names being too long.....

I just downloaded it ... i can fly the plane, but all systems dont work. why is that ? displays dont go on

  • Just updated the plane today 10/21/21 I have a fuel cord hanging from my left wing when I push back and when I take off. Please help, I am also using toolbar pushback but I don't think it has to do with that.

whats new with the new 0.92 version? it is a five star add on by the way

First of all - Would like to say this is an absolute beauty of an aircraft. If you know how to fly the A320 in the sim (a bit properly), then this will be a joyride for you. Ofc there are a few differences in terms of operability...

Second of all - It really gives you the feel of flying a heavy A330, and just takes your breath away the way it flies...all features are operational (barring some minor ones), the aircraft is fully functional, and it truly sets the benchmark for freeware aircraft.

Whole-heartedly recommend this for every flight-simmer (at least the ones yet to get it haha...)

Just one issue for the devs to sort out - when I come in for approach, often it seems like another white layer blankets over my cockpit, and I am not able to see anything. When I switch cameras back and forth (int. to ext. to int.), the cockpit becomes normal. If anyone else also has a soln. for this, please do reply below. Otherwise, Kudos to Headwind!!

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